Friday, December 16, 2011

Para Team Brings Home Gold from Melbourne!!

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - December 16, 2011 - When the United States Para-Equestrian Team flew Down Under for the 2011 Melbourne CPEDI3* (held at Werribee Park National Equestrian Center), they were prepared to give it their all.  This competition was not just about top scores but it was an opportunity to earn team spots for the 2012 Paralympics held in London, England. With outstanding performances each day, the United States Para-Equestrian Dressage Team captured their third Team Gold within a four-month period. The impressive Gold Para-Equestrian Dressage Team consisted of Donna Ponessa for Grade Ia (New Windsor, NY), Rebecca Hart for Grade II (Unionville, PA), Erin Alberda for Grade III (Woodinville, WA), Mary Jordan for Grade IV (Wells, ME), and Chef d'equipe Missy Ransehousen. From December 9-11, 2011 teams from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the United States challenged themselves under F.E.I. international judges Mr. Kjell Myhre (NOR), Dr. Ulf Wilken (SWE), Ms. Jan Geary (AUS), Ms. Sue Cunningham (AUS), and Ms. Wendy Barker (AUS).
The Gold United States Para-Equestrian Team
(Pictured Left to Right: USEF Director Pam Lane, Chef d'equipe Missy Ransehousen, Rebecca Hart, Erin Alberda, Mary Jordan, and in front is Donna Ponessa)

Traveling across the world was an opportunity that would not have been possible without the coordinating efforts of the United States Para-Equestrian Association President Hope Hand, USEF Director of the Para-Equestrian and Vaulting disciplines Pam Lane and her team at USEF, and the riders and their families. When traveling abroad it is financially and logistically difficult to bring each rider's horse.  Therefore, Donna Ponessa, Rebecca Hart, Erin Alberda borrowed horses from Charlotte Pedersen of Cottage Hill Dressage and Mary Jordan borrowed her horse from Elaine Castineli.  Mary noted, "I literally got off the plane after a 26 hour journey to Melbourne and joined up with my teammates and our coach Missy Ransehousen. Together we traversed the Australian countryside searching for suitable horses to compete upon. They were long 12 hour days of driving and riding everything from Australian stock ponies to high-end Warmbloods to 2* event horses.I even schooled horses in front of wild wallabies! The day before we entered the venue I finally found "Northern Charmer" a wonderful mare and we clicked immediately. I am deeply grateful to her owners Elaine and Adrian Castellini for sharing their wonderful horse with me, as well as to all the amazing horse owners and people we met who assisted our team. It truly was a group/team effort to pull it all together. The fact that it was so successful for everyone involved -American or Aussie- was the icing on the cake!"

She continued, "Charm was an amazing mare to compete and she truly gave it her all. It amazes me with just two rides under our belt prior to the start she went into the ring and got down to business, placing 2nd to the Australian Grade 4 Champion in close competition. She has a ton of heart and the freestyle was particularly fun because we really went for it despite not ever having a chance to ride her to my music. We finished perfectly on the beat and it was a real thrill. I would like to thank Hope Hand for her tireless efforts both stateside and once we were in Australia to help secure quality horse prospects for us to compete upon. Her valuable leads helped to provide us with quality horses which coach Missy Ransehousen could then evaluate for suitability between the team riders. It truly was a team effort that lead to the gold."

For Donna Ponessa riding her mount Don Armani was the highlights of her riding to date. "I got goose bumps when I learned that Ralphy as he is affectionately known is the grandson of Donnerhall, one of my favorite stallions.  When I saw the caliber I would be competing against, my trainer and I knew that we would need an international quality horse to post the scores we wanted.  While watching Don Armani warm up with his trainer, Charlotte Pedersen of Cottage Hill Dressage, my heart skipped a beat.  After my first lap around the practice arena I knew that I could really win on this horse.  I was elated that his owner, Setsuko Miike, had the confidence to allow me to borrow him for the competition."

In less than a year Donna Ponessa has catapulted to the top of the Para-Equestrian Dressage world.  Her dedication paid off in Mexico when she earned the top score each day for Grade Ia.  However, even with her outstanding accomplishment she yearned for more. "I went to Australia with the goal of not only winning but achieving a 70% while being mentally tough enough that it did not matter which horse I rode nor what the conditions were," smiled Donna. Her determination earned her a 70.588% aboard Don Armani in the first day of Team Test competition and the top score each day of Grade Ia competition.

Also achieving superior scores in the Grade III freestyle was Erin Alberda aboard Southern Cross Tamaris who earned 71.500%. Erin is accustomed to intense international competition; In 2006, she was part of the Gold winning team at the Pacific Rim International CPEDI. This win helped clinch five team slots for the 2008 Paralympics in Hong Kong. So when she was asked to fly to Australia in six days to compete at the Melbourne CPEDI3* Erin packed her bags.

When arriving in Australia both Grade II rider Rebecca Hart and Grade III rider Erin Alberda were invited to ride Southern Cross Tamaris.  Erin commented, " Tammy is a true gem, and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to partner with her and share her with Becca.  For Tammy, having two riders with incredibly different body types was a testament to her temperament and adaptability.  I simply cannot thank her owner Adele Plumridge and trainer Charlotte Pedersen enough for their help and support!"

Rebecca Hart was also thankful for borrowing Southern Cross Tamaris.  Over the three days of Team Test, Individual Test, and Freestyle Test Rebecca continued to put forth the top scores of Grade II competition. USPEA President Hope Hand stated, "Each one of our riders traveled great lengths to compete in Melbourne. Mary, Rebecca, Erin, and Donna gave seamless tests which confirmed that the United States Para-Equestrian Dressage Team is ready for London."

After a short break, the United States Para-Equestrians will be back on their home turf headed to Wellington, Florida for the Gold Coast Dressage Association CPEDI3* January 19 - 22, 2012 and the Wellington Classic Sunshine Challenge CPEDI3* January 26 - 29, 2012. For the United States Para-Equestrians this will be a chance to showcase not only their riding abilities but the quality of horses nationally that are helping each rider achieve their best scores. Donna replied, "The U.S. has some really talented riders which is evidence by the scores posted in Mexico and Australia. There are a number of really talented up-and-coming riders including several promising juniors.  The influx of this talent is going to validate the United States as a team to be reckoned with."

As the CPEDI3* in Wellington, Florida approaches Para-Equestrian riders will be looking for owners of top level dressage horses to donate horses for the use of Para-Equestrian athletes. "Our Para-Equestrian riders that will represent the U.S. in London have the classical dressage training that make them one of the most competitive Para-Dressage teams in the F.E.I.," noted Hope Hand.  "However, we are always looking for generous owners who have a horse that they wish to move to the F.EI. level or a horse that they are not using at this time.  For an owner this is an opportunity to earn international medals at F.E.I. competitions with exquisite dressage riders."

As the 2012 London Paralympics approaches the United States Para-Equestrian riders are continuing to dedicate themselves and their horses to achieving excellent results nationally.  With support of sponsors, donations of horses, financial support for travel, and the dedication of the riders the United States will have a promising future. Donna commented, "Hillary Clinton wrote a book entitled, "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child".  After embarking on this journey, I believe that it also takes one to get a Para-Equestrian to the Paralympics!"

For more information about the 2011 Melbourne CPEDI3* or the Saddle World Dressage Festival or please visit

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Hagyard Flex-Tra HA Discount to Friends of BHF!

Flex-Tra HAHagyard Equine Medical Institute is proud to support top Three-Day Event rider Missy Ransehousen through their exclusive product Flex-tra HA.

Ransehousen endorses Flex-tra HA, which was developed by the incomparable surgery team at Hagyard, to keep her horses happy, healthy, and ready for elite level competition. Missy finds that the product has helped to prolong the longevity of her horses' joint comfort & has seen an improvement in their recovery & comfort level during training & competition.

Hyaluronan, also known as hyaluronic acid or HA is a natural biomacromolecule found throughout the body in all mammals. It has many functions and purposes including but not limited to cell signaling, skin healing, retaining moisture, lubricating connective tissue, absorbing shock in joints, filtering synovial fluid, and supplying nutrients to cartilage. Located in high concentration in synovial fluid and cartilage, HA's main purpose is lubrication and shock absorption in order for joints to function comfortably. HA also has properties that contribute to reducing pain, easing inflammation, and are chondroprotective. Although naturally occurring, HA quantities and production decrease with time and deficiency may become problematic in older or actively competing horses.
Flex-Tra HA can be purchased at
Hagyard Pharmacy has become a nationwide leader in providing the equine industry with the highest quality pharmaceuticals and health products.
Based in Lexington, KY, the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute has practiced veterinary medicine for more than 133 years and is currently composed of over 60 experienced veterinarians, with 13 board certifications in specialty areas of Medicine, Surgery, Critical Care, and Theriogenology. Their Hagyard Sport Horse program specializes in the care and maintenance of show horse athletes, bringing the same quality of treatment to sport horses that the institute has provided for the race horse and breeding industries. For more information on Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, please visit their official Web site at
As a fan, team member or friend of Missy and Jessica's, get 10% off your online order of Flex-Tra HA!! 

Receive $10.00 off your first Flex-Tra HA purchase. 
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London, England - December 2, 2011 - Sales of Paralympic Equestrian tickets for the London 2012 Paralympic Games have broken records, with more than 40,000 tickets already sold. And there is a further opportunity for spectator numbers to increase with remaining tickets going on sale at 1pm GMT today (2 December).

The number of tickets sold to date for the 11 Paralympic Equestrian events taking place in Greenwich Park next year (30 August - 4 September) has already overtaken the previous record of 33,000 spectators that watched the Beijing 2008 Paralympic equestrian events in Hong Kong.

In total over one million tickets have already been purchased for the 20 sports at the London 2012 Paralympic Games since they went on sale this year.

"We have six days of Paralympic Equestrian competition in Greenwich Park, in a country where Para-Equestrian Dressage was pretty much born," said Tim Hadaway, Equestrian Competition Manager at Greenwich Park, venue for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

"Greenwich is a large venue and we already have huge spectator numbers for Paralympic Equestrian. With further ticket sales expected over the coming days, we are pleased to say that we will be hosting the highest number of spectators ever to have watched Para-Equestrian at any Paralympic Games."
The remaining tickets for the 2012 Paralympic Equestrian events will be available on a first-come, first-served basis at For residents outside the UK, a full list of Authorized Ticket Resellers is also available on the London 2012 ticketing website.

"It is fantastic that 78 of our Para-Equestrian athletes will be competing in front of their biggest ever audience at the London 2012 Paralympic Games in the beautiful surroundings of Greenwich Park," said Trond Asmyr, FEI Director of Dressage and Para-Equestrian Dressage.

In 2006, the FEI became one of the first International Federations to govern and regulate a sport for disabled athletes when Para-Equestrian Dressage joined the ranks of the seven disciplines the FEI regulates.

Para-Equestrian Dressage is the only equestrian discipline that is included in the Paralympic Games, where it has been a regular fixture since Atlanta 1996.

The London 2012 Paralympic Games competition schedule and background on the Paralympic Equestrian events can be found here.

For additional information on the London 2012 Paralympic Equestrian procedures, including qualification, rankings and appointed officials, please click here.

Team USA ( Left to Right) Jonathan Wentz, Mary Jordan, Rebecca Hart, and Wendy Fryke at 2011 NEDA Fall Festival of Dressage CPEDI3*

Photo Credit: Photo taken at the 2011 NEDA Fall Festival of Dressage CPEDI3* and the 2011 USEF Para-Equestrian Dressage National Championship held in Saugerties, NY at the HITS On The Hudson show grounds. Photo©2011 Lindsay Y McCall for the United States Para-Equestrian Association (USPEA).

About United States Para-Equestrian Association:

The USPEA is a network of riders, judges, national federation board members, and equestrian enthusiasts. The association gives athletes the ability to get involved and expand their knowledge and experience in the Para-Equestrian sport. The USPEA encourages para-athletes to participate in all disciplines under the para-equestrian umbrella.

The USPEA is a recognized affiliate of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) which serves as the National Governing Body for the equestrian sport. This relationship between the USPEA and USEF is to encourage para-equestrian competitors, leisure riders, coaches, fans and enthusiasts to network and get involved with the entire equestrian sport.

Ultimately the goal of the USPEA is to foster growth in the para-equestrian discipline. From growth in the number of participants to growth as a team, and growth in the experience and knowledge of all involved. From local horse shows to international Olympic Games, the USPEA will provide para-equestrians the knowledge of what they need to succeed. The USPEA connects with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), the United States Dressage Federation (USDF), and USEF which provides Para-Equestrians the top equestrian resources.

In June 2010, the USPEA earned its 501 (c)(3) status which has encouraged supporters to help supply funding to the Para-Equestrian Team as a recognized affiliate of the United States Equestrian Federation(USEF).

For more information about the USPEA please visit or contact USPEA President: Hope Hand by e-mail: or by phone: (610)356-6481.

To view an online version of this press release please visit:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Competition Horses


Through our friend and supporter Paddy Hughes, BHF has imported two new stunning young horses for the upcoming competition season!

Gary Brit Ike is a 17.2h, 5 year old blood bay gelding who was imported in April of 2011. He is an extremely athletic & striking horse, who despite his size and bone is primarily Irish Thoroughbred. He came from a foxhunting yard in Ireland, and is in training to start his competitive career this winter down in Florida.

Bouncer was imported a few weeks after Ike, and is another large boned Irish TB cross who is 16.3h and 5 years old. He has wonderful confirmation and the sweet face of a welsh pony! He too has been started correctly and will be starting his competitive career during the winter in Ocala.

Both horses will be aimed for Ocala or Rocking Horse.

Puppies, Ponies & Winter Plans!

Fall Colors at BHF!
It was great to get back down to BHF yesterday for a visit with Missy, Jessica and the whole crew!  When I arrived Jess was just getting off of schooling Ben while James has gone on holiday back to Ireland.

All the working students (Rachel & Jess) were busy prepping horses to be ridden, or in my case, to be groomed for the camera.  It was nice to see a new face in the crowd, David, BHF's new working student from Canada.  David will be traveling with Missy down to Ocala when she leaves in December.
Handsome Ike!
I was also able to catch up with Steph who is recovering well from surgery after a bad break in her leg last month.  All the staples have been removed & she's a few weeks off from being able to walk with crutches. Keep up the great attitude & get well soon because everyone at the barn misses you!!!

Onto some important business matters:

1.  Winter Boarding Opportunites:
During the winter months of February & March there will be a few stalls available for individuals who are looking to continue their winter training in our indoor.  Please contact BHF for rates.

2.  Christmas Puppies!
Burghley and Bailey have produced another beautiful litter of puppies, who will be ready to go by Christmas.  There are 2 black & tan boys (out of a little of 5) who need homes.  The 3 girls have already been claimed (1 by this blog writer), but the chunky little men are still why not give the best Xmas present on the planet!!!
Adorable Puppies!
3.  Schedule you lessons with Missy while she's still in town, it's countdown to Florida!

I've included a slideshow of pictures from yesterday's visit featuring scenes from BHF of colors, puppies, the new competition horses & Seema's new pony.    Enjoy the slideshow & safe riding!  LT

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Sales Horse - Cole

Cole - 2005 15.2h Bay TB cross gelding.

Cole is as cute and quiet as you could want, scoring a 29.5 in the dressage at his first outing in July.
He is easy to hack out alone or in company and has yet to spook at anything, including deer jumping out of the bushes. He has super ground manners, is very easy going with a cute jump and is game without getting fast or excited. Cole is the perfect horse for a kid, junior or small adult who wants to do a bit of everything while being safe, competitive and having fun!

Picture Slideshow of Cole 


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Para At Saugerties & Upcoming Events

Rachel, Jess & James at Saugerties CPEDI 3*
Photo Credit Lindsay Yosay McCall

As always, Blue Hill Farm has been hopping with a busy balance between horses here on training board, students attending dressage and eventing competitions and the Para riders traveling to Saugerties.

This past month Missy and Jess went up to the Horse Park of Nj, where Missy won her 3rd level test on BG, Jess won her 2nd level test on Hugh Knows and Rachel won her 3rd level test on Taldi!  Not bad for a day's work.  Steph also ran Dylan at Plantation Field International in the 1* with a solid dressage test and a double clean XC,  which put them in 8th going into stadium.  Dylan had a bit of a blonde moment coming around the corner to the 2nd which cost them 4 points & time penalties, but they still finished in a respectable 16th place (without touching a rail).  Steph & Dylan were also awarded the Top Conditioned award presented by Dr. Peter Blauner!!  Slideshow below.

The weekend of the 15th took the Para riders up to the  CPEDI 3* at Saugerties, which was held alongside CDI3* & National Championships.  James had a huge weekend, winning all 3 of his Grade 4 classes with a 73% in the Freestyle, a 69% in his Individual test and a 69 in the team test.  The event also awarded him for the overall best score as well!
Photo Credit Lindsay Yosay McCall
The girls also had a great weekend with Becca taking 3rd on her team test with a score of 65, and winning her Freestyle Grade 2 on Saturday with a 72% and Elizabeth was 4th on Whitney’s Willow with a 65%.  On the last day grade 2 Individual test -  Becca was 2nd & Elizabeth was 4th.  Becca, Elizabeth and Margaret MacIntosh rode the Grade 2 Championship Test (same test used at international events) & the Freestyle, which Becca won.  Elizabeth & Gigi both came in 2nd in those two divisions.  
The US Para riders also had a fabulous weekend.  This was a team qualifier for the US team, with 26 riders from US, Canada, Ireland, Mexico & Bermuda.  The US team won with great contributions from our BHF para riders in the National Championships with Becca placing 3rd & Elizabeth placing 10th.  On a strategic level our team had the opp to get in front of 3 international judges who were judging at the European Championships in Belgium, so the mindset was tough and they weren’t giving away any marks!

Here's what's on the calendar for our year end events!
Morven Park -  Steph on Dillan Prelim & Jeff Kibbie on Loki Intermediate
Loch Moi - Rachel on Cole in the Novice & Madison on Sophia Prelim 
Fair Hill - Jeff 2*
Va Horse Trials -  Madison/Sophie & Steph/Dillon aiming for Intermediate
GAG Finals down at the Horse Park of Va - 3rd Level
James on Ben Open Pre St George & third level
Jess is riding Hugh Knows - 2nd Level

Missy has also agreed to do the course walk for Radnor Hunt Horse Trials on Friday, Oct. 7th
at 5pm at the start box.  Come out & join us!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great Para Article Compliments of!

USPEA Acknowledges NEDA Fall Festival of Dressage For Hosting the 2011 USEF National Championship and CPEDI3*

Written by Lindsay McCall for the USPEA
Ramp at Saugerties, NY Facility donated by IVY Tock Farms & R+S Country Living will benefit Para-Equestrians like Donna Ponessa and Otto (Photo: Lindsay McCall)
Ramp at Saugerties, NY Facility donated by IVY Tock Farms & R+S Country Living will benefit Para-Equestrians like Donna Ponessa and Otto (Photo: Lindsay McCall)
Saugerties, NY - From the minute an equestrian, family member, spectator, or sponsor stepped onto the grounds of the 2011 NEDA (New England Dressage Association) Fall Festival of Dressage they were met with smiling faces and attentive staff. It was a week of new faces at the Fall Festival of Dressagewhen the 2011 USEF Para-Equestrian Dressage National Championships and CPEDI3* event was included in the program and the weekend could not have run smoother. From the ramp donation from Ivy Rock Farms and R+S Country Living to the numerous rider awards to compete for, NEDA went above and beyond for the Para-Equestrians. The United States Para-Equestrian Association would like to thank NEDA and their volunteers for all of their enthusiasm and hard work at the Fall Festival of Dressage in Saugerties, NY September 15-18, 2011.

At 8:00 a.m. each morning the four judges, Anne Prain of France, Kjell Myhre of Norway, and Carlos Lopes of Portugal sat with the scribes watching as the first Para-Equestrian entered the ring each day. Over three day's of competition the Para-Equestrian ring moved flawlessly.

At the end of the week the presentations were made for both the 2011 USEF Para-Equestrian Dressage National Championships and the top performers in the CPEDI3*. NEDA worked hard to make each ribbon ceremony special for the riders and the spectators.

Many Para-Equestrians earned awards during the Fall Festival of Dressage that were unexpected and generous.  fter the jog, Jonathan Wentz and Rebecca Hart both from the United States were presented with awards for the Best Dressed Jogger at the FEI Jog. Each rider received $100 gift certificates compliments of SHO CLOTHES. Winner of the 2011 Trilogy Best Seat Forward award was Wendy Fryke during the weekend events. James Dwyer of Ireland was given a $50 cash award for the highest CPEDI Freestyle donated by Elaine Donogue and unexpected was the Best Foot Forward Award donated by Draper Equine Therapies. The award was presented to trainer Sabine Rijssenbeek for promoting a positive attitude even when no one was watching. Rijssenbeek is not only an international instructor and competitor but she is the trainer of Para-Equestrian Eleanor Brimmer of the U.S.A.

Just outside the FEI barn, was a new structure which was provided by Ivy Rock Farms & R + S Country Living. The brand new ramp was created for equestrians that may need to drive a wheel chair to the top of the ramp to mount their horse or it may be used for a rider that needs assistance getting to the level of their horse.  Many Para-Equestrians were grateful for the ramp that now stands as a permanent structure. This ramp will help encourage more Para-Equestrian events, clinics, and international competitions.

The USPEA truly wanted to thank each and every sponsor who donated awards and made the Fall Festival of Dressage possible including NEDA, USEF, the judges, stewards, and many staff members. The largest group of smiling faces at the horse show was the volunteers. When an announcement came over the loudspeaker that runners were needed in the dressage rings, riders, friends, and dressage enthusiasts stepped forward and provided that assistance. It is volunteers like the ones at NEDA who make an event as prestigious as this one, an event to remember.

As the 2011 season comes to a close, the USPEA thanks each competition venue for their assistance in providing facilities that help encourage growth of this international discipline. Within three years the number of Para-Equestrian competitors has tripled due to the support of organizations like NEDA, USEF, Lamplight Equestrian Center, Keenan Productions & Events, and many other associations.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Para-Equestrian Training Session To Be Held November 5-6, 2011

RELEASE: September 26, 2011


Lexington, KY- Para-Equestrian dressage athletes will have the unique opportunity to hone their skills under the guidance of renowned dressage competitor and trainer Robert Dover November 5-6, 2011.

The four-time Olympic Bronze medalist will conduct a Para Equestrian Dressage Training Session along with U.S. Para-Equestrian National Team coach, Missy Ransehousen, at the USET Headquarters in Gladstone, NJ.

Eight riders will be invited to participate in the training session; riders from all five Para-Equestrian Grades are encouraged to apply. Applications should be returned by October 7, 2011.

This Training Session will give horse-and-rider combinations a chance to fine-tune their skills in preparation for the 2012 season. This is a season in which the U.S. will be trying to secure Team and Individual qualifications for the 2012 Paralympics in London.

"We are very excited to have Robert's assistance," said Pam Lane, USEF International High Performance Director of Para-Equestrian and Vaulting. "We are aiming to qualify a Team and Individuals for the 2012 Paralympics and his expertise will be invaluable."

Applications for the Para Equestrian Dressage Training Session can be found at

For more information about the USEF Para-Equestrian program visit;

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Long Overdue Thank You to BHF!

So, this blogger is long overdue for publishing my BIG THANK YOU to the whole crew at BHF.  The real reason for the delay is that I wanted Amy Dragoo to give me her blessing that I could publish this great series of photos that she took at Plantation Field, at the Weldon Wall, which seemed to have me quite intimidated!  Note the huge smile after landing!!

Rhythm, otherwise known as "Fatty" in the barn, went to Missy and crew for a little bootcamp & a solid 2 weeks on the muzzle, so he could live down his nickname.  He finished up his bootcamp with a szvelt new body and a 2nd at Plantation in the Training Division.  Our consistency in training has gone back to watching my daughter ride around in circles on her 12h pony, but we do try to throw in a good dressage & stadium school at least once a week.

The whole crew at BHF is just the tops!  The girls all work so hard, and the karma at that barn between Missy, Jess and clients is 2nd to none!  I only wish that we could have stayed longer, but there will be opportunities in the near future.  I'm really looking forward to the beginning of the school year, when my kids get on the bus at 8am & I get to hit the road to Unionville again!  Yeeeehaaaaa!  LT

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

News from Hartpury

James, pictured here with fellow Irish team mates, Rosemary Gaffney(sitting) and Angela Lyons(Standing) both Grade IV riders.  The other photo is the whole team with Team Trainer Donie McNamara and their Chef, Naomi Donoghue.

Fresh off his return from the CPEDI3* at Hartpury College, England, James has sent the following update:

"It was very successful trip for myself and the Irish team with 10 teams competing and nearly 70 riders in total at the show. (  My team from Ireland had 9 riders there, and I rode on the team along side Rosemary Gaffney (Grade IV), Eilish Byrne (Grade II), Helen Kearney (Grade IA).  As a team we were 2nd to Great Britain and Canada was 3rd.

Wed July 13th was the team test where I was the first of the Irish riders to go in the morning and 3rd of the Grade IV riders to enter the ring.  I scored a 68.21%, which kept me in the lead until the last rider (who was my team mate Rosemary) scored a 68.37%!  The final result for  the Grade IV team test put Ireland in first and second, with the Sophie Wells, the WEG  Gold medalist placing 3rd.

On Thursday evening the 14th the table turned in the Grade IV Individual Championship test.  I rode at 8:06pm and made some mistakes which put me in 3rd place with a 67.26%,  Rosemary took 2nd and Sophie came out on top.  Friday July 15th was the Freestyle test, where we rode late again.  Sophie Wells won with a 73.2% and I was 2nd with 71.2% and Rosemary was 3rd with a 71.1%.

Overall it was a very successful show where I had the opportunity to ride with my country's home team and to get in front of our coaching team.  In the early fall I hope to travel to Saugerties, NY for CPEDI3*, September 15th to 18th."

This coming weekend Missy, Becca, Elizabeth, Jess Brumfield and Rachel Gross are traveling to Morven Park for the Summer Fling dressage show!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Patrick Dwyer Clinic on Wednesday August 3rd

Patrick Dwyer, brother of James, will be coming to the farm this Wednesday for another day of clinic instruction!  Patrick, who trains out of Kevin Babington's barn,  has been coming to BHF for quite some time, and is a local favorite.  I've had the pleasure of doing a clinic with Patrick and walked away with several new tools for my toolbox.  He is fabulous!!

To schedule a time during the clinic, please call Missy at 484-576-3947!

Patrick Dwyer is an accomplished horseman and has been a friend of Kevin’s for many years. Pat joined Kevin in Pennsylvania several years ago to help handle the training and show horses. At that time Pat owned and operated Patrick Dwyer Show Stables in Walnut Creek, California. Kevin and Pat bought and sold horses together for years before Pat finally joined him on the East coast.

 Pat provides exceptional instruction and coaching to our riders from the children's jumper level through grand prix. He is also Kevin’s groundsman at home and at shows. He provides the most difficult service here by taking over Kevin’s amateur and grand prix students in his absence, whether it is for coaching at shows or just keeping their training program going at home. Like Kevin, Pat’s riding and teaching foundation comes from Iris Kellet’s classical training program in Ireland. In the early 1990’s, Pat served as Iris Kellet’s second rider under International rider John Hall and he was the assistant instructor for Ms. Kellet for many years. The similar foundation Kevin and Pat share make it easy for clients to transition between the two trainers.  

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trip to Hartpury College, Dressage Festival CPEDI*** (Para) July 12th to July 15th

The crew is off to England!  Orlando (affectionately known as Ben) and Jess left Blue Hill Farm early in the morning on Sunday July 3rd  for JFK Airport where they will fly to Amsterdam with Mersant International. They arrived at the Quarantine Barns around noon with plenty of time to kill before Ben loaded aboard the plane around 6:30 PM for an 11:30 flight. After landing in Amsterdam they traveled by road to the UK, now in the care of James Luck from LGBloodstock Shipping Ltd. 

James Dwyer flew out on Sunday night from Philadelphia to Heathrow International Airport outside of London, where he will arrived Monday to then travel to Downs Equestrian Centre (  to get ready for Ben and Jess's arrival on Tuesday morning.  

The lovely Downs Equestrian centre is owned by Italian three day event rider Alberto Giugni who rode for Italy in the 2006 World Games in Aachen.  Jessica joined them on Wednesday morning and the preparations began to get Ben ready for the show. Ben will enjoy the amenities of Downs Equestrian, including their lovely barns, riding arenas, and turn out paddocks. On July 12th the group from Blue Hill moved to the show grounds at Hartpury College, Hartpury UK (

The Jog was a success on Tuesday, and on Wednesday morning the Grade IV team tests started at 8.30am. Thursday and Friday Grade IV Individual and Championship tests were ridden as well as the musical freestyles.

7/11/11 Report From Jessica: 

James got a 68.2% in the Grade IV team test and his teammate Eilish got a 68.3%. It was a great win for Ireland as the Brits were out in force with lovely horses and predominately British judges and James was thrilled to be second! The purpose of getting in front of Olympic level judges proved to be the right decision.

Pictures & further reports to follow!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

2012 Olympic Test Event in Greenwich England

Missy has left our great nation to take part in the 2012 Olympic Test Event, being held at Greenwich Park in London.  The purpose of the test event is basically to allow riders to take part in a "dry run" of the Olympic venue.   Most riders have not brought their Olympic mounts, but younger horses that may also benefit from the competition.

Missy's role at this test event is one of coach for the Para Olympic team, where she will have the opportunity to observe a dry run on their behalf.  I've received photos she took with her phone (via Steph) that show some cool shots of the unique platform stadium, the Queens House, London, and of course.....scones at Harrods!!

Here's a link to more news info on the test event....which you can also pick up on Eventing Nation.

Enjoy the slideshow & we'll get a full report after she returns on the 11th.  Happy 4th of July!!

iPhone Slideshow

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Continue to Help Our Friends at True Prospect Farm!

Please help us continue to raise funds for the whole crew at Boyd's and True Prospect Farm!
Through the hard work & volunteer efforts of many people and many donors, we are launching the 2nd leg of the PRO/SCES online ebay auction!!

This auction features a variety of items including some great lesson packages from Buck Davidson, Ange Bean, Stephie well as several amazing vacation homes, tack, a Point Two Air Jacket, photography, art, etc.

Please continue to spread the word & support the fundraising efforts. Everyone at Windurra USA and True Prospect Farm is so appreciative of the outpouring of support from our riding community!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Updated Sales Horses!

Carlingford's Simply Harry

17h 6yo grey Irish Sport Horse (Imported) Gelding
Harry has competed at novice level twice in Florida, finishing in the low thirties in second and third place. He is ready to move up to training level eventing, but would also excel as a foxhunter or equitation horse. He is simple and uncomplicated enough for an amateur or young rider, but talented enough for a professional.  USEA Results

 Carlingford's JD

12yo 16.1 Skewbald Imported Irish Sport Horse Gelding
JD is an experienced dressage horse who successfully competes in both the able- bodied and para equestrian classes.  JD has brought home ribbons at fourth level with working student Rachel Gross, including high score fourth level with a 68.3. JD is comfortably schooling all of the Prix St.George movements at home, and would love to show a young rider or adult amateur the ropes of dressage.

This experienced horse is also our "go- to" para horse, he has competed in National Championships with two Para riders, as well as being the highest- placed US horse at the World Equestrian Games. JD hacks out quietly and jumps small jumps, and he's perfect for the para- equestrian looking for a mount for the London Olympics.

JD is sadly offered for sale to an excellent home only!
To see all of our sales horses, please visit our website.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Thank You Cindy Lawler!

While I was on course at Rolex, I sat by some women who were taking pictures at the Head of the Lake.  Since I had to hoof it across the course to another set of fences, I handed my business card to one of the ladies & asked if she would be kind enough to get some pictures at the water complex.  Needless to say, I didn't know what a talented photographer & had recruited.

Interestingly enough, Cindy revealed (after some prodding) that she had an interesting past at Rolex.  I asked her for a little bio and discovered that her love for horses had actually brought her to Rolex for the 1983 pony club rally nationals, where she won the jumper division. She also groomed for Lisa Anderson in 1985 who rode in the Intermediate  Prelim divisions (winning one), and in turn Cindy received the top groom's award for her efforts!

Cindy is from McHenry Illinois and works in Mobile Alabama as a Catastrophe Adjuster.  She is also a Certified Advanced Therapeutic Riding Instructor and enjoys photography as a past time, and I think she shows some serious talent!!  Thanks again to Cindy for these fabulous photos.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Post Rolex Wrap Up!

Rolex was such a positive experience this year, taking into account that BG had been recovering from an injury last year and had just started jumping again in February.  He was a bit tense in the dressage in front of the big audience, but put in a stellar clean XC round, when many horses & riders were over challenged.
He was tired for stadium & had a few resulting rails, but all in all BG's run at Rolex was inspiring!!

After the event, Missy was able to take him over to Hagyard for 3 hyperbaric chamber treatments on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday for an hour each day.  Missy said the chamber is like a rocket ship with padded walls and a port hole window for a view of your horse while he's being treated.  Their services and therapies are so cutting edge and we're so lucky to have them as a supporter.

What's next?  Missy is going to focus on dressage & jumper shows with BG until an appropriate event in the fall, which may be at Plantation Field or Richland Park.   There is also the Para team responsibilities, which is such a huge part of the BHF program, and we plan to have another blog update regarding those riders in the near future!

Enjoy the photo album from stadium........LT

iPhone Slideshow Link

Saturday, April 30, 2011

What A Day!!

It was a successful day at the Ky Horse Park for Missy and BG.  We met around noon at the Dover booth for a autograph signing with Missy's fabulous sponsor, Patrick Hughes and Horse First.  There was a constant line of fans filtering into the front of the booth to meet Missy and I was able to capture a few pictures for tonight's blog.

Their XC round was so inspiring, considering the number of top competitors who either came unseated (Tiana and Allison) or wracked up penalties due to refusals.   Missy and BG put in a beautifully clean round, with time penalties, but they came home safely and stand in 20th position going into stadium tomorrow.  Here's wishing them a restful night, sound morning and clean stadium round tomorrow!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Dressage Wrap Up

Missy and BG looked fabulous in the warm up for their test & I was able to get some great shots of their pre-competition preparation.  As always, there were a great group of supporters joining the BHF crew to support our favorite big bay horse!!

Gallery link for iPhone Users!

The atmosphere in the stadium today was much different than yesterday with the majority of the seats being packed.  The energy from the crowd definitely played a part in BG's level of tension, but Missy rode a very accurate test & managed to contain him.  She was disappointed with their score (and I felt they were a bit unforgiving), but tomorrow brings new challenges & opportunities, and the course looks much improved since the storms.

Many thanks go out to all the BHF supporters & also Paddy from Horse First, who was on hand to lend support prior to the dressage test.  Stay tuned for more photos & results after they run XC at 2:35, and heres counting on a safe trip home!!

Greetings From The Horse Park!

I was able to catch up with Missy and Jessica yesterday as they were schooling BG in the warm up area.  They both looked fabulous & seem well prepared for today's dressage at 1:46, so please be sure to tune in to the Rolex Ky website for live coverage of the event!

More to come.......LT

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Count Down to Rolex!!

I just got off the phone with Missy, who's enjoying herself down in Wellington with BG and Harry (BG's babysitter) for the next few days prior to her count down to Rolex.

Contrary to popular belief, Missy is NOT out bar hopping or sipping mint juleps at the polo club, but focusing her efforts on some dressage lessons with Todd Flettrich and then tuning up their stadium performance with a few jumper classes at the Wellington Equestrian center on Wednesday & Thursday!  On Friday they will return to Ocala, where she will be packing up for the trip home via Rolex, and then they will do one last gallop on Sunday over at the O'Connor's farm.

Monday they will ship to Kathleen Sullivan's, a friend and client who lives in Lexington, and on Tuesday they will move over to the Horse Park!!

We're all very excited for Missy and BG and hope that you'll come out next week to cheer them on at Rolex!!  For those of you who can't make it to the horse park, NBC Sports will be featuring live coverage of stadium from 2 - 3pm.....check out the latest press release!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fantastic Dressage Results At Morven Park Dressage!

It was a great weekend for Jessica and crew down at Morven Park and the VADA/Nova, Inc. Spring Dressage Competition, held this past Saturday & Sunday, April 9 & 10, 2011.

Morven hosted the Official Qualifying Competition for the FEI North American Junior and Young Riders’ Championships and Collecting Gaits Farm/USEF National Pony Rider, Junior, Young Rider, & Brentina Cup Championships. Official Qualifying Competition for the Markel/USEF Young Horse Dressage Program and USEF National Developing Horse Dressage Championship were held there as well.

Jessica sent the following note about the weekend:

"We had a great show at Morven Park this weekend. James won both the PSG and the Intermediare 1, and was also high score in both those classes. Rachel with Taldi was second on Saturday and first in the third level test 3 on Sunday. She then was high score third level!! Jess won her second level test three class on Saturday and Sunday on Hugh Knows.  All in all, it was a good early spring show for Blue Hill Farm!!!"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eventing Nation Interview

Many thanks again to Samantha Clark of Eventing Nation for giving Missy such great camera time during her road to Rolex! Samantha and Missy had a chance to catch up this morning prior to her stadium. (Full Story)

I was also able to chat with Missy this morning and she expressed how happy she was with BG's steady clean XC ride. She said he felt very relaxed, was dead on to the corners and skinnies and took her confidently to the jumps. I'll certainly catch up with her regarding her stadium round, but they really put in a positive effort and I'm sure she already has a mental game plan for her preparation for Rolex!

Final Results

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dressage at The Fork!

Thanks to Eventing Nation's footage of Missy's test at The Fork!  She's in great position, tied for 9th in a very competitive division of 40!  Stay tuned for more reports after XC.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Eventing Nation: Kentucky entries are ramping up!

Kentucky entries are ramping up


With all the excitement at Galway over the weekend, we neglected to mention all of the exciting developments that have been made to the Rolex entry list. I think Kentucky this year will be a really interesting one in the sense that there isn't one type of horse/rider combination dominating the field. In the past, there have been years when all of the best US riders rode their best horses and dominated the scoreboard, there have been other years when a strong international field as flown across the pond and into all the top positions by the end of the weekend, and still there have been other years regarded as the 'rookie' years, where by virtue of being the year of an Olympics or international competition, the Rolex field was more open to newcomer success than it otherwise would have been.

This year is like a melting pot of all the different types. There are the usual US suspects entered on either their best, most experienced horse or in some cases a horse that's new to the level. There are a fair number of first timers, a fair number of single-horse riders coming with a horse they've ridden at Kentucky in years prior, and then there are the Canadians. And then, besides the Canadians there are all the international competitors (most of which have competed at Rolex in prior years.)

As of today, there are 46 entries. The list is as follows, with the new additions in bold:

James Alliston/ JUMBO'S JAKE
James Alliston/ PARKER
Kristin Bachman/ GRYFFINDOR
Kate Brown/ MOJITO
Diana Burnett/ MANNY
Hannah Sue Burnett/ ST. BARTHS
Sarah Cousins/ TSUNAMI
William Fox-Pitt/ SEACOOKIE
William Fox-Pitt/ NAVIGATOR
William Fox-Pitt/ NEUF DES COEURS
William Fox-Pitt/ IDALGO
Clayton Fredericks/ BE MY GUEST
Rebecca Howard/ RIDDLE MASTER
Joe Meyer/ SNIP
Heather Morris/ SLATE RIVER
Kristi Nunnink/ R-STAR
Karen O'Connor/ QUINTUS 54
Jessica Phoenix/ EXPONENTIAL
Jessica Phoenix/ EXPLORING
Michael Pollard/ ICARUS
Michael Pollard/ WONDERFUL WILL
Missy Ransehousen/ CRITICAL DECISION
Katie Ruppel/ SIR DONOVAN
Colleen Rutledge/ SHIRAZ
Jane Sleeper/ UN
Allison Springer/ ARTHUR
Frankie Thieriot/ FRIC FRAC BERENCE
Jil Walton/ MY SEDONA

Missy Ransehousen and Critical Decision are no strangers to Rolex as they have competed and placed well at several past year's competitions, but this year will have a special significance. Last year at Southern Pines Horse Trials, Critical Decision fractured his tibia, so the past year has been one of rehabilitation. BG and Missy are tough, I'd bet on them to have a good showing this year. 

The year since Kentucky 2010 has been a whirlwind for many, but especially for Kim Severson and Paddy.They went to Rolex Kentucky last year with a good showing in the dressage and cross country, but it all unraveled on the third day with a stop and several rails. Kim spent the last year putting the pieces back together, and came very close to being able to show it on the world stage if it hadn't been for a bout of cellulitis in the final lead up to the WEG. Hopefully all the stars will align for Kim and 'Paddy' this year, as they are truly a world class pair. 

As usual, we will keep you fully appraised of all things Rolex in the coming weeks. Stay tuned until then!