Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It seems that Missy and Jessica are getting lots of recognition these days, and for good reason!  They both are fabulous in their respective disciplines and they are both fabulous instructors.

First I want to mention Missy's recent article on page 54 of the January 21st edition of The Chronicle.  If you've received yours in the mail, please flip right to the article.  We will have the online edition shortly!!  

Last weekend, both Jessica and Missy were featured clinicians at the Md. Horse Expo, held in Timonium, Md.  They lectured and taught at the Expo on both Friday and Saturday, presenting in front of a large group of attendees.  The expo had a variety of clinicians who were chosen for their chosen expertise in the disciplines of dressage, eventing, hunter/jumper, and a number of western as well.

Each day Missy and Jessica presented one lecture topic and then taught one mounted session to several different volunteer riders who ranged in riding experience and levels.  Their topics were as follows:

Missy Day 1
Lecture -  Basic Fitness Work for Horse and Rider (Intro - Training Level)
Mounted - Proper Jump Training Progression (Ground polls & gymnastics)

Missy Day 2
Lecture - Cross Training Horse & Rider for The Season's First Event
Mounted - Take Your Jumping to the Next Level (Ground polls to related distances) 

Jess Day 1

Lecture - Rider’s Influence in Effective Aid Giving - Lower Level Figures & Movements
1st and 2nd Level Tests
Mounted - Basic Work on Rider’s Position for Proper Half Halt
Walk, Trot & Canter

Jess Day 2

Lecture - Test Movements As Seen Through the Judge’s Eyes
2nd and 3rd Level
Mounted - Riding Test Figures for Better Judge's Scores
2nd and 3rd Level


Both ladies did a fabulous job teaching 4 very different horse and riders in a rather small ring, in front of stands full of spectators.  Attached are a couple video clips of their mounted sessions on Day 2.  Several of the riders approached them after the demo and were thrilled to have the opportunity to ride with the Ransehousens.  We're so lucky at Blue Hill Farm to have regular access to training at this level!