Tuesday, November 30, 2010



1997 16.2h Dark Bay Irish Bred Gelding

Duff is a highly experienced event horse who is your next Prelim or Intermediate partner. He is a multi-talented horse who would also excel in the Equitation ring or at the level 3/4 jumpers as well! His curren owner has done quite well with him, completing several 1* events in bot the long & short format. He is being offered for sale as his young rider is off to college.


16h, 11 year old Dk bay TB Gelding.
Blackie has competed through Training level eventing with the ability to move up. He is a perfect Beginner Novice through Training level packer.

He has done a few schooling dressage shows and has scored well at training level. He is a cute mover, and has a nice jump. He is very auto-pilot on cross-country, and is quite bold. He is easy to manage on the ground, very obedient, loads, clips, and ties to anything without a problem.

His owner is heading off to college and is no longer able to compete him.


Feivel is a 16.1h, 10 year old chestnut Westphalian Gelding by Feinsinn.

Feival has been at Blue Hill Farm since May, coming here originally for conditioning work & will be competing with working student Jess Brumfield in the fall. At his first show this August, showing 3rd Level, he scored fabulously with a 75!

Feivel is a proven amateur mount, trained to PSG level and will be competing with Jess at 4th level this fall. He has also gone to some jumper shows at level 2 and also hacks out like a gentleman. He would be a well rounded horse for several disciplines.

You can see all the details of our sales horses on our sales page, then email Blue Hill Farm or call us 610-486-6357 if you are interested in any of these fabulous horses!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute Features World-Class Davidson Surgery Center

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Hagyard Equine Medical Institute Features World-Class Davidson Surgery Center

Lexington, KY -November 22, 2010 - Hagyard Equine Medical Institute has been a leader in the equine veterinary practice since it opened in 1876. Each year they perform over 6,000 surgical procedures at Hagyard. As the oldest and largest equine hospital in the world, consistently delivers excellent results from both its medical practice and surgery areas.

The surgery department at Hagyard currently has three of the world's premier surgeons, including Dr. Michael A. Spirito, Dr. Robert Hunt and Dr. Dwayne H. Rodgerson, DVM, and, DVM.

Dr. Rodgerson is one of the countries leading experts on laparoscopic surgeries. Over many years, he has developed and perfected a special technique to view the horse's abdomen in the most minimally invasive way possible. This procedure still enables surgeons to closely examine areas such as the gastrointestinal tract, urinary system, genital tract, spleen, and liver with minor impacts to the horse.

Dr. Rodgerson has been a surgeon at Hagyard since 2002 and has enjoyed being a part of the talented team at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute. "Hagyard has been a leader in how surgery is done across the country," he explained. "Many techniques that are used at other surgery centers were developed here at Hagyard. Equine surgeons have found Hagyard's techniques to be very effective in regards to reproductive, colic, orthopedic and laparoscopic surgeries."

Hagyard Surgery specializes in:

* Abdominal Surgery
* Arthroscopic Surgery
* Emergency Care
* Lameness Evaluation
* Laparoscopic Surgery
* Obstetrics
* Orthopedic Surgery / Fracture Repair
* Reproductive Surgery
* Respiratory Surgery
* High Speed Treadmill
* Nuclear Scintigraphy

Hagyard Equine Medial Institute prides itself in the unique care that is given to each horse during surgery. In most situations, the veterinarians try to treat the horses as day cases. "We try and get them back to their normal routine as quickly as possible to reduce their level of stress," noted Dr. Rodgerson. "We perform our surgery very efficiently and the horses do not have to come in two or three days before surgery. They will hopefully come in that day and leave that afternoon. There are surgeries that involve longer stays, but we are always trying to get the horses home to their normal routine."

To aid in the excellent care that is received by each horse, the Surgery Department at Hagyard is equipped with digital radiology and nuclear scintigraphy systems. The Surgery Department also has an equine high-speed treadmill to aid in evaluating poor performance and lameness cases.

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute is proud to be a leader in equine surgery in both general and specialized surgical cases. The Surgery Department accepts major and minor cases, elective or emergency, on an inpatient or outpatient basis, and offers expertise in all areas, from soft tissue to orthopedic procedures.

About Hagyard Equine Medical Institute:

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute of Lexington, KY, was founded in 1876. The practice, which is located directly across from the Kentucky Horse Park, is one of the oldest and largest equine veterinary practices in the world and is known for its excellence in veterinary medicine. The Hagyard Sport Horse Program, a specialized department at the practice, serves the nation's top sport horse athletes and brings the same level of excellent care to high performance horses that the institute has provided for the race horse and breeding industries for decades. The facility at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute offers 13 Digital Radiology systems, 1.5 Tesla Siemens MRI, Nuclear Scintigraphy, a high speed treadmill, an on-site laboratory, an on-site pharmacy, full surgical services, ambulance and emergency services, and Hyperbaric Medicine. The practice has performed veterinary medicine for more than 134 years and is currently composed of over 60 experienced veterinarians, with 12 board certifications in specialty areas of Medicine, Surgery, Critical Care, and Theriogenology.

For more information on the practice at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, please go to www.hagyard.com.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jessica's Travels

I wanted to keep everyone abreast of Jessica's travel schedule.

She is currently down in Lexington, Ky., returning home on Wednesday, Nov. 17th.

She will then leave for West Palm on Sunday,Nov.21st. to work with Susie Dutta and will return home on Wednesday, Nov. 24th.

She will be spending Thanksgiving with her son and daughter-in-law, Suzanne, in Conn. at Suzanne's Sister's house.....where they are staying overnight and will return home Friday afternoon. "It is so much fun being with Susie's family. It is always a festive gathering!!!"

The next trip is for a clinic in Chapel Hill, N.C., she will leave Thursday, Dec. 2nd and return Monday evening Dec. 6th.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reflections on the WEG

I was just down visiting with Jess, Missy, James and the crew at Blue Hill Farm.  It's always such a great experience to go to a training barn like theirs, where everyone is dedicated to the sport & the horses. What is different about Blue Hill is the feeling of camaraderie, teamwork and optimism that carries through to their success in the show ring.

I think it's an accurate statement to say that the team members & coaches were happy with their performance at the WEG.  The US riders all rode well, considering that they had to keep their nerves in check at their first International event at this level.  Missy felt that our area for score improvement would have been with accuracy, but even with those improvements we couldn't have gotten more than 5 points.

Jessica was also quite happy with James' performance, but was frustrated a bit with the judging.  
"James rode beautifully but suffered from the judges's inconsistant judging. I think some of it is because they do not see him along with the riders from the European countries often enough to know how well he stacks up against them. We plan to ride abroad next summer in preparation for the next Para-Olympics. I think it will help the judges see that he is a very good, steady, correct grade 4 rider."

That of course brings me to the next hot topic on the judging at the WEG.  It's a difficult balance to comment on the judging results at a competition without sounding unsportsmanlike, but the frustrations that arose from the judging at the WEG were consistent & quite obvious.  The general feeling was that the judges had their countries that they consistently score well & they're are afraid to change their scoring methods at such a venue.......But when there are 10 - 15 point differences on each ride, the fairness & consistency of the judging does become debatable.  Perhaps it is time that the US & Canada works on filling a few judge spots to help improve the balance for every team?

With the US placing in a respectable 7th place, the team is now qualified for the London Olympics in 2012!  There continues to be optimism in the barn & everyone has their own individual goals set in order to travel to London in 2 years.

Many thanks to all the friends, family, grooms, sponsors & supporters who donated their time & tireless effort to make the WEG happen for these riders.  It was a lot of work & a job well done!

Photos of James compliments of Kerri Sowers.