Monday, July 4, 2011

2012 Olympic Test Event in Greenwich England

Missy has left our great nation to take part in the 2012 Olympic Test Event, being held at Greenwich Park in London.  The purpose of the test event is basically to allow riders to take part in a "dry run" of the Olympic venue.   Most riders have not brought their Olympic mounts, but younger horses that may also benefit from the competition.

Missy's role at this test event is one of coach for the Para Olympic team, where she will have the opportunity to observe a dry run on their behalf.  I've received photos she took with her phone (via Steph) that show some cool shots of the unique platform stadium, the Queens House, London, and of course.....scones at Harrods!!

Here's a link to more news info on the test event....which you can also pick up on Eventing Nation.

Enjoy the slideshow & we'll get a full report after she returns on the 11th.  Happy 4th of July!!

iPhone Slideshow

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