Thursday, February 26, 2015

Update On Recovery Efforts

We are so thankful to the entire equestrian community who has rallied around Missy (and her pups Jamie and Brittany) this past week.  The emails and facebook messages are so inspiring, and I can only apologize for the difficulty in tracking all the donations.

Many people have asked what she still needs.  I do know that she's had several lovely donations for boots and some breeches.  She has also had offers to replace show clothing at shops in both Florida and Pa.  That need was immediate as she's still competing this weekend.

Since it's tough to track all clothing or equipment donations perfectly, some people have been offering cash donations or gift cards so she can go get properly fitted for jackets, breeches and show shirts.  Gift card donations can go to:
Missy Ransehousen
653 W Highway 316
Citra, Fl.  32113

If you want to make a tax deductible donation, checks can be sent to the American Horse Trials Foundation.  It is very important (per IRS laws) that Missy's name be written on a separate sheet of paper and NOT on the memo section of the check.  Those donations can be sent to:

The American Horse Trials Foundation
7913 Colonial Ln
Clinton, MD 20735-1908
Phone: (301) 856-3064
Fax: (301) 856-3065

Missy is doing well and back in the tack, as she has a show this weekend.  The entire team at Blue Hill Farm is so thankful for everyone's help!!

Missy and Brittany walking the course at Ocala HT!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Fire Recovery Efforts for Missy Ransehousen!

Blue Hill South suffered a terribly shocking experience yesterday in Ocala, when Missy's living quarters coach went up in flames, taking her Subaru with it.  She is going to be ok, and thankfully Brigitte Aikelin and Tiffany Smith​ who were nearby acted quickly to get our beloved Jamie out of the coach.  Missy and all of her dogs are ok, and for that we are eternally grateful.

Missy is in the midst of working with the fire marshal and the insurance company to hopefully recover her losses, but she had most of her material goods packed in that camper.  We are also getting her some clothes and sorting through priority supplies to get her life back to normal as quickly as possible.  Thankfully we have a tight knit team at Blue Hill Farm, and with the help of her amazing Ocala farm owner, Cindy, she will be ok.

She has a big support crew around her and we're working to get her some basic needs until insurance has kicked in!!  In the mean time, we've also reached out to some of her sponsors so she can get replacement outer wear, competition clothes, and basic essentials.

Missy is a size 6 for clothes, size 28 breech and a size 8 foot size.  She is NOT one to ask for help, so we are organizing this on her behalf. 

Her address in the Ocala area is:

653 W Highway 316
Citra, Fl.  32113

Specific questions can be sent to:
Lisa Thomas -

Thank you to our amazing eventing community for pulling together to help.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Ocala In My Rear View Mirror!

Leaving Unionville, my family and critters is no easy feat!  Weeks of preparation to arrange for barn coverage, kid coverage and critter coverage took an enormous amount of effort and true appreciation on my part.  The Thomas family moved to Unionville to be part of this community, and without the help of all the team up here at Blue Hill Farm, my neighbors, amazing friends and one poor over worked hubby, there would have been no opportunity to get out of dodge to go see Missy at BHF South.

This year Missy and the BHF team settled into a beautiful 80 acre property in Citra owned by Cindy Torbeck, an area about 20 minutes from the heart of Ocala.  The farm was beautiful, with a central home (used for Cindy's guests), 2 large barns and a gigantic front field primarily used for training, dressage and show jumping.  Ample turnout ensures that all the ponies have plenty of room to stretch.  Cindy even installed electric and septic for the caravan of BHF riders who hooked up their campers for the winter season.  Given the option to stay up at the main house, I quickly opted to stay in one of the campers near the BHF crew, eager for the legitimate experience and bonding time with these crazy eventers!

Facebook Photo Gallery of the farm.

I'm embarrassed to say that this was the first year I was able to break away and visit "The Horse Capital of the World", and Ocala doesn't take that claim lightly!  I was astounded by the back to back farms that dot the landscape of this sprawling horse mecca.  It is every horse competitor's paradise, with a variety of options for seasonal rentals ranging from small backyard "pony condos" to state of the art competition barns and enormous Thoroughbred training facilities.  It is truly an equestrian melting pot.

Highlights of my stay included getting my tail kicked by Jordan, the infamous personal trainer who is based out of Longwood Farm South, eating more than my share of burritos at Pepe's, spending the entire weekend at Ocala Horse Trials photographing my favorite clients, and touring the area to take facility photos for my footing client Wordley Martin Equestrian.

I also was able to spend 5 days in awe of my longtime friend Missy Ransehousen.  Even though we are neighbors at home, I don't often get the opportunity to tag along and watch her in action with all of her staff and clients.  It's appropriate to say that Missy spends an enormous amount of time supporting and seeking the best for all of the people around her, be it making my coffee and muffin in the morning before running off to teach a dressage or jump lesson, riding the fox hunters at Blue Elephant, coaching clients at the event, orchestrating the care of all of the horses in her program, then cooking for the whole crazy crew back at the campground.  There is not a moment where Missy isn't constantly thinking about pleasing everyone else.  She is truly selfless and always puts everyone before herself. 

Missy and DD
Photo courtesy Brigitte Aiklin
In my mind, it's our turn to give back to Missy and 2015 needs to be her year!  I'm so looking forward to seeing her bring along her newest upper level prospect,  DD (pictured here), who has a striking resemblance to another tall lanky bay in the barn :) 

Once she gets home in April, it's my turn to make the coffee.

Forever Grateful,


Join Us February 27th - Fundraiser For Gigi McIntosh!!

Margaret McIntosh - Para Equestrian!
Fundraiser & Documentary Film Screening!
Friday February 27th, 2015
6 - 9 pm - Hors d'ouvres and Cash Bar
7:30 pm Screening of Documentary Short Film
"A Fork In the Road"
Canal Street Restaurant - 531 Canal Street, Reading, Pa.  19610

Celebrating Margaret McIntosh's inspirational story!
A former International level Equestrian competitor, Gigi suffered paralysis from the chest down after a fall in 1999.  She has battled the odds to compete again in Para Dressage, becoming the Reserve National Champion in Para Equestrian Dressage at the 2014 championships.  Gigi now hopes to represent the U.S. on the Paralympic Dressage team at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro — on her horse (appropriately named) Rio Rio!

Join us in raising funds for Gigi's Paralympic qualifying competitions in Europe this spring and for her bid to make the 2016 Paralympic Team!

Learn more about Gigi at Margaret McIntosh - Elite Para Equestrian

Find Gigi on Facebook!


(Headcount Needed by 2/23 for catering)

Donate directly to Gigi through the USPEA.  Link HERE for instructions.

Hosted in part by Lisa Thomas/Mid-Atlantic Equestrian Services, Bill Thomas/Bills Khakis,
Canal Street Restaurant, Wendy Dougherty, Cindy Gerber Tomlinson and Jane Zintak.

Monday, February 2, 2015


Blue Hill Farm is enthralled to announce that Gigi's reclassification is official!!!  We are so happy for Gigi, after the heartbreak she endured last year, to see her classification made official and the road in front of her opened to new adventures.  We know Gigi and Rio are going all the way!!

We would like to enlist our fans to help Gigi in her quest to go to Europe and to continue on her schedule to attend Paralympic qualifiers.  Below is a note from Gigi thanking her supporters and information regarding her plan leading up to the selection trials in 2016.  

Gigi needs our help getting there!  Please consider making a donation in her name through the USPEA via the paypal button below and stay tuned for an upcoming fundraiser event. 

We are so thankful for your support!

Thanks to our constant supporter, Lindsay McCall for her photos!
A note to my supporters:

I am delighted to report that as a result of my reassessment in Wellington on January 8th by the Chief US Classifier, Joann Benjamin and Canadian International Classifier, Sue Foell and the approval of the FEI working group in Lausanne, I am permanently classified as a 1a!

Last spring, despite my second place finish in the Adequan World Equestrian Games selection trials at Gladstone, I was devastated when the same FEI group would not confirm my status, keeping me from the U.S. Para Equestrian Dressage Team. They required documents proving that my deterioration was permanent and a result of my spinal cord injury, not part of a normal aging process. Your support during those dark days meant so much to me.

Back on track and in preparation for the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janiero, Rio Rio and I will be facing top International competition again this spring. Leaving for Belgium on April 15, our first International outing will begin on April 23rd at the CPEDI3* at Waregem, Belgium followed closely by the CPEDI3* in Mannheim, Germany.

The 2015 United States Para Equestrian Dressage National Championships and the last 2015 International competition are in Houston in November. The final qualifying trials for the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janiero will be held in Wellington in January 2016!

The United States Olympic Committee and Equestrian Federation provide no support for Para Equestrians. Your very much appreciated, generous and continuing support at all levels makes my participation possible!

Thank you!

Margaret "Gigi" McIntosh

USPEA Paypal Link
Checks can also be mailed to:

3940 Verde Vista Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Please put the name Margaret McIntosh in the memo section of the check.   Thank you!!