Monday, May 9, 2011

Post Rolex Wrap Up!

Rolex was such a positive experience this year, taking into account that BG had been recovering from an injury last year and had just started jumping again in February.  He was a bit tense in the dressage in front of the big audience, but put in a stellar clean XC round, when many horses & riders were over challenged.
He was tired for stadium & had a few resulting rails, but all in all BG's run at Rolex was inspiring!!

After the event, Missy was able to take him over to Hagyard for 3 hyperbaric chamber treatments on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday for an hour each day.  Missy said the chamber is like a rocket ship with padded walls and a port hole window for a view of your horse while he's being treated.  Their services and therapies are so cutting edge and we're so lucky to have them as a supporter.

What's next?  Missy is going to focus on dressage & jumper shows with BG until an appropriate event in the fall, which may be at Plantation Field or Richland Park.   There is also the Para team responsibilities, which is such a huge part of the BHF program, and we plan to have another blog update regarding those riders in the near future!

Enjoy the photo album from stadium........LT

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