Monday, January 30, 2012

Great Photos of James!

We'd like to thank Lindsay McCall from the USPEA for all the fabulous photos of James from this past weekend's CPEDI3*!  She is a great promoter of the sport and a wonderful photographer!

James is pictured here at the previous weekend's Gold Coast Opener with Dr. Janet Greenfield of the Palm Beach Equine Clinic and Lauren Barwick of Canada who won her Grade II Freestyle.

 James had 2 stellar weekends winning all of his Grade IV Individual, Team and Freestyle Tests at the Gold Coast Opener and Wellington Sunshine Classic as well!!!   I suspect that James and Orlando may be taking a well deserved day off today.  Well done!!

Para-Equestrian Dressage CPEDI3* Final Results!

Para-Equestrian Dressage CPEDI3* Freestyles Finalize 
Two Exciting Weeks at Jim Brandon Equestrian Center
Wellington, FL- January 29, 2012- Over two weeks, Para-Equestrian Dressage riders competed in front of F.E.I. judges Katherine Lucheschi (ITA), Hanneke Gerritsen (NED), and Carlos Lopes (POR), and Marc Urban (BEL) at two CPEDI3* events . This was the first time that Noreen O'Sullivan and her staff graciously hosted two consecutive CPEDI3* competitions (Gold Coast Dressage Opener and Wellington Classic Sunshine Challenge) at the beautiful Jim Brandon Equestrian Center in Wellington, FL. 

For Para-Equestrian Dressage teams this was the last opportunity to raise the F.E.I. world rankings in hopes of being qualified for the 2012 London Paralympics. For individuals this was a chance to gain input from F.E.I. judges, increase World Para-Equestrian rankings for London, and earn a qualifying score for the 2012 Paralympic Selection Trials. As the evening came to a close on Sunday, 28 horse and rider combinations put forward their best competition freestyles. Participation was far reaching including riders from United States, Canada, Ireland, Bermuda, Mexico, Finland, and Japan.

During the first week of competition Canada earned the win in the Gold Coast Opener CPEDI3*. In the second week, the United States edged out Canada for victory at the Wellington Classic Sunshine Challenge. Individually, Para-Dressage riders remained consistent in their results and showcased some of the top Para-Dressage in the world.

Representing the United States Team for both weeks were Mary Jordan (Grade IV) of Wells, ME aboard Sebastian, Dale Dedrick (Grade II) from Ann Arbor, MI on Bonifatius, Rebecca Hart (Grade II) of Erie, PA aboard Lord Ludger and Jonathan Wentz (Grade Ib) who began week one with NTEC Richter Scale and week two with NTEC Jabriel. Chef D'Equipe of the United States, Missy Ransehousen was pleased with the progress that the United States Team and Individuals had over the two weeks.
Missy and Rebecca Hart
USA Chef d'Equipe Missy Ransehousen and Rebecca Hart (USA)

Missy noted, "We have definitely improved from one week to the next. These last two weeks have been a good preparation for what we need as a team to go forward. It is a good stepping stone for us to build on. I would like to see a little more from the horses as we progress and I would like to see more accuracy from the riders, but that can always be improved upon."

Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 Wellington Classic Sunshine Challenge CPEDI3*

Gear Up For 2012 Wellington Classic Sunshine Challenge CPEDI3* Commencing January 26 (And Where's All the Sunshine??)

Wellington, FL -January 25, 2012 -Para-Equestrian Dressage riders returned to the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center for the 2012 Wellington Classic Sunshine Challenge CPEDI3*. On Wednesday's schedule was a 3:00 p.m. jog where horses received their F.E.I inspection for the weekend's CPEDI3*. Riders from Bermuda, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, and Canada were on the grounds representing their respective country. In addition to the eleven United States riders who competed at last week's CPEDI3, were two additional riders, 2008 Paralympian Robin Brueckmann with her horse Radetzky and newcomer 14-year-old Sydney Collier of Ann Arbor, MI.

Thirty horse and rider combinations will begin Thursday's Team Test competition at 8:30 a.m. With one championship under their belt, the Para-Equestrian team from Canada will once again face off against the United States. Representing the United States will be Mary Jordan (Grade IV) of Wells, ME aboard Sebastian, Dale Dedrick (Grade II) from Ann Arbor, MI on Bonifatius, Rebecca Hart (Grade II) of Erie, PA aboard Lord Ludger and Jonathan Wentz (Grade Ib) on NTEC Jabriel from Richardson,TX. The United States team will be led by Chef d'Equipe Missy Ransehousen.

The weekend's show schedule begins with Thursday's Team Test, followed by Saturday's Individual Test, finishing with Sunday's Freestyle test and awards ceremony. In addition to the CPEDI3*, the World Dressage Masters presented by Axel Johnson Group and the top dressage horses in the world will compete for $130,000. A total of 15 horses and riders from six countries have accepted invitations to participate in the World Dressage Masters Palm Beach which is the only World Dressage Masters event to take place outside of Europe. The entry list will grow to 17 following the Wellington Classic Sunshine Challenge CDI3* Grand Prix on Thursday, January 26th, when the top two horse and rider combinations from that class will be invited to compete in the WDM CDI5* Grand Prix on Friday.

Missy Ransehousen and Whitneys Willow by Lindsay McCall
USA Chef d'Equipe Missy Ransehousen and Whitney's Willow walking back to barn from the jog in the rain by Lindsay McCall

Monday, January 23, 2012

Well Done Team USA!

Team Canada Prevails Over USA at Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3* 
Wellington, FL -January 22, 2012 - For dressage enthusiasts there is not a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than watching F.E.I. level freestyle competition. As was the case at the final day of the Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3* where para-equestrian dressage riders exhibited their energizing freestyles and where team and individual awards were presented.

Capturing the title of 2012 Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3* was the Canadian Team followed by The United States Team in second. Topping each Grade division overall was Jody Schloss (CAN) and Inspector Rebus in Grade Ia, Ashley Gowanlock (CAN) and Ferdonia 2 in Grade Ib, Lauren Barwick (CAN) and Off to Paris in Grade II, Eleanor Brimmer (USA) and Carino H in Grade III, and James Dwyer (IRE) with Orlando in Grade IV.

Over three days, 23 riders from Bermuda, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, and the United States challenged themselves in front of F.E.I. judges Carlos Lopes (POR), Hanneke Gerritsen (NED), and Marc Urban (BEL). The Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3* is the first of two weekends at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center.  Para-equestrian dressage riders continue to work toward earning their individual and team qualifying scores in anticipation of being selected for the 2012 London Paralympics.
Champion Canada Team (L to R) Chef d'Equipe Elizabeth Quigg-Robsinon, Madison Lawson, Lauren Barwick, Ashley Gowanlock, and Jody Schloss
USA Team (L to R) USEF Para-Equestrian Director Pam Lane, Mary Jordan, Dale Dedrick, Rebecca Hart, and Jonahtan Wentz

The United States continued to excel throughout the weekend with team members Mary Jordan and Sebastian in Grade IV, Dale Dedrick and Bonifatius for Grade II, Rebecca Hart aboard Lord Ludger in Grade II, Jonathan Wentz with NTEC Richter Scale in Grade Ib, and Chef d'Equipe Missy Ransehousen. With only six months prior to the 2012 USEF Paralympic Selection Trials the United States continues to grow their team and present quality tests.

Mary Jordan commented, "This weekend was intense; I think each rider would agree we all had to ride for every point. With only six months before selection trials that is how it should be and now we need to step up our game. The United States has a lot of new partnerships between horses and riders. We need to develop those relationships carefully and quickly in order to reach our highest potential."
Mary Jordan and P Sparrow Socks
Mary Jordan and P Sparrow Socks

Jonathan Wentz noted, "I think we are doing really well.  If we just fine tune a few things we can hopefully take the lead next week."

Not only did Jonathan achieve leading scores for the United States Team, but he also achieved the highest score of the United States individual results each day including a 72.333% in the freestyle. During the first week of competition Jonathan's coach Kai Handt was unable to attend therefore, his assistant coach, Happy Comly stepped into the reins. "I can't thank Happy enough for her stepping into this position.  I truly appreciate everyone's help including Rachel Zent who owns both of my horses."
Jon Wentz NTEC Richter Scale
Jon Wentz and NTEC Richter Scale
Jon Wentz and NTEC Jabriel
Jon Wentz and NTEC Jabriel

Eleanor Brimmer (USA) and Carino H were the first place winners in the Grade III division. Even though the Grade III division lacked a large number of competitors, Eleanor has appreciated the opportunity for two weeks of judging under F.E.I. standards. "This show was a great learning experience for me," expressed Eleanor. "Carino H is a new mount for me and we are still getting to know each other.  It is challenging as a new international rider to be comfortable with the level of expectation, especially when the number of competitions in the United States are limited."
Eleanor Brimer and CarinoH
Eleanor Brimmer and Carino H

She continued, "I am definitely looking forward to next week's competition however, as the only Grade III rider over both weeks I am unable to measure myself against potential competition."

In the Grade IV individual competition superstar James Dwyer of Ireland and his horse Orlando performed a hat-trick. Over three days James earned the top score in his Grade increasing to the last score of a 74.333 % in the freestyle test.  James used a combination of movements to deliver a beautiful freestyle set to a very fitting Irish melody. "I love that music," exclaimed James. "I think Orlando knows his music pretty well too.  When I think he is a little tired coming into the freestlye he hears that music and he always comes up to me. This finish was a great end to the weekend and I am looking forward to next weekend. Keeping consistency was my goal and I hope to achieve that same consistency next weekend."

Eight years ago James came to the United States to take lessons from Missy Ransehousen. Little did he know that he would be working alongside Jessica as well. He noted, "Jessica is absolutely wonderful. My horse and I would not be here if it wasn't for her. She and Missy have taken me in and I would not be able to do this without their help. I am looking forward to the next couple of months with her as we hopefully get selected for the Irish Team and then head to London.
James Dwyer and Orlando
James Dwyer and Orlando

When Sunday came to a close para-equestrian dressage riders packed up their tack for a short break before next week's competition. Beginning January 25, 2012 is the Wellington Classic Sunshine Challenge CPEDI3* at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center. On Wednesday the jog for the CPEDI3* will occur followed by Thursday's Team competition, Saturday's Individual Test competition, followed by Sunday's Freestyle competition and awards presentation.

January 22, 2012 Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3* Freestyle Test
Judges: Carlos Lopes (POR), Hanneke Gerritsen (NED), and Marc Urban (BEL)

Results: Placing, Name, Name of Horse, Total Score

Grade 1a
1.    Jody Schloss, Inspector Rebus, 69.167 (CAN)
2.    Laurietta Oakleaf, Niekele fan Busenitz, 68.250 (USA)
3.    Kim Decker, Dasher's Destiny,  64.333 (USA)
4.    Alexander Mitchell, Guiness Maskell, 63.333 (BER)
5.    NTEC Manchada, Mina Chinju 61.750 (JPN)
6.    Robyn Andrews, Fancianna, 60.000 (CAN)

Grade 1b
1.    Ashley Gownlock, Fredonia 2, 73.417 (CAN)
2.    Jonathan Wentz, NTEC Richter Scale, 72.333 (USA)
3.    Jonathan Wentz, NTEC Jabriel, 70.083 (USA)
4.    Katja Karjalainen, Hidden Creek Jones, 64.667 (FIN)
5.    Jaana Kivimaki, Sarona, 61.417 (FIN)

Grade II
1.    Lauren Barwick, Off to Paris, 73.917 (CAN)
2.    Rebecca Hart, Lord Ludger, 71.500 (USA)
3.    Dale Dedrick, Bonifatius, 70.333 (USA)
4.    Fernanda Otheguy, It's Mr. Merlot, 67.667 (MEX)
5.    Margret McIntosh, Idalgo, 63.750 (USA)
6.    Elizabeth Pigott, Whitney's Willow, 62.833 (USA)
7.    Charlotte Bathlon, Sportsfield Twist,  61.250 (USA)
8.    Rebecca Hart, Hugh Knows, 60.167 (USA)

Grade III
1. Eleanor Brimmer, Carino H, 54.333 (USA)

Grade IV
1.    James Dwyer, Orlando,  74.333 (IRE)
2.    Mary Jordan, Sebastian, 68.583 (USA)
3.    Madison Lawson, McGuire, 68.477 (CAN)
4.    Lynne Pool, Vasco E, 64.086 (CAN)
5.    Mary Jordan, P.Sparrow Socks, 66.250 (USA)
6.    Lynee Pool, Fisbee, 64.750 (CAN)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gold Coast Saturday Results!

Consistency is Key at Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3*  

Highlights from the press release are below:  
Wellington, FL -January 21, 2012 - Consistency continues for para-equestrian dressage riders at the Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3* held at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center. Saturday was the Individual Test competition and the second day to earn an individual qualifying score for the 2012 Paralympics. Para-Equestrians from Canada, Ireland, Finland, Japan, Mexico, Bermuda, and the United Sates challenged each other and themselves in front of international judges Carlos Lopes (POR), Hanneke Gerritsen (NED), and Marc Urban (BEL). Multiple riders achieved their qualifying scores above the 60% mark including a brand new para-equestrian dressage rider from the United States.
Rebecca Hart and Lord Ludger
Rebecca Hart (USA) and Lord Ludger

In third for Grade II was 2008 Paralympian Rebecca Hart and Lord Ludger, owned by Jessica Ransehousen. Rebecca brought two mounts to Florida in hopes of gaining more mileage, earning top scores for the team, and to sharpen her relationship and communication with both horses. Rebecca explained, "Both horses are relatively new mounts this year. I have been very proud of Lord Ludger this weekend and I am especially pleased with Hugh Knows. We have been working on adjusting from the leg cue to utilizing the whip as the cue and Hugh has been great. He was a little tense in the Individual Test so I think we just need a little more mileage to increase our communication."  

Hugh Knows, owned by Jacqueline Mars, began as an eventer with Karen'O Connor.  From Karen to junior Jess Brumfield Hugh has consistently achieved excellent scores.  With his new job as Rebecca Hart's mount Rebecca has been working to attain top results and consistency over the next two weeks.
Rebecca Hart and Hugh Knows
Rebecca Hart (USA) and Hugh Knows

She continued, "I feel very lucky to be able to work with these newer horses under our team coach who is also my personal coach, Missy Ransehousen. We have a really good relationship where we can bounce things off each other to figure out what is going to get the best results. I also feel lucky to have such a support system because without them I could not do this. I am very thankful to Jessica (Ransehousen) who own Lord Ludger, Jacqueline Mars, and everyone who believes in our discipline.
Elizabeth Pigott Whitney's Willow
Elizabeth Pigott (USA) Whitney's Willow

Finishing the CPEDI3* were the Grade IV para-equestrian dressage riders. James Dwyer and Orlando from Ireland once again secured the top placing with a 70.753%. Behind James was Mary Jordan with her home-bred mare P. Sparrow Socks.
James Dwyer and Orlando
James Dwyer (IRE) and Orlando

With consistent test results in each of the five grades, riders enter into Sunday's Freestyle competition at the Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3*.  Following the Freestyle competition will be the presentation of awards.

January 21, 2012 Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3*  Wellington, FL
Judges: Carlos Lopes (POR), Hanneke Gerritsen (NED), and Marc Urban (BEL)

Results: Placing, Name, Name of Horse, Total Score

Grade 1a
1.    Jody Schloss, Inspector Rebus, 70.583 (CAN)
2.    Laurietta Oakleaf, Niekele fan Busenitz, 65.083 (USA)
3.    Kim Decker, Dasher's Destiny,  63.833 (USA)
4.    Alexander Mitchell, Guiness Maskell, 62.917 (BER)
5.    NTEC Manchada, Mina Chinju 60.833 (JPN)
6.    Robyn Andrews, Ravallo Son, 59.000 (CAN)
7.    Robyn Andrews, Fancianna, 56.000 (CAN)

Grade 1b
1.    Jonathan Wentz, NTEC Richter Scale, 69.275 (USA)
2.    Ashley Gownlock, Fredonia 2, 68.986 (CAN)
3.    Jonathan Wentz, NTEC Jabriel, 68.551 (USA)
4.    Katja Karjalainen, Hidden Creek Jones, 64.783 (FIN)
5.    Jaana Kivimaki, Sarona, 61.232 (FIN)

Grade II
1.    Lauren Barwick, Off to Paris, 70.159 (CAN)
2.    Dale Dedrick, Bonifatius, 67.381 (USA)
3.    Rebecca Hart, Lord Ludger, 66.349 (USA)
4.    Fernanda Otheguy, It's Mr. Mister Merlot, 64.683 (MEX)
5.    Rebecca Hart, Hugh Knows, 62.619 (USA)
6.    Margret McIntosh, Idalgo, 62.063 (USA)
7.    Elizabeth Pigott, Whitney's Willow, 61.508 (USA)
8.    Charlotte Bathlon, Sportsfield Twist,  58.730 (USA)

Grade III
1. Eleanor Brimmer, Carino H, 59.556 (USA)

Grade IV
1.    James Dwyer, Orlando,  70.753 (IRE)
2.    Mary Jordan, P Sparrow Socks, 64.624 (USA)
3.    Lynne Pool, Vasco E, 64.086 (CAN)
4.    Lynee Pool, Fisbee, 63.925 (CAN)
5.    Madison Lawson, McGuire, 63.925 (CAN)
6.    Mary Jordan, Sebastian, 62.742 (USA)

For an online version of the entire press release please go to

Friday, January 20, 2012

USPA Coverage of Gold Coast!!

International Para-Equestrian Competition Begins at Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3*   
Wellington, FL -January 20, 2012 - As the sun rose over the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center in Wellington, FL the Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3* commenced. Twenty-three para-equestrian dressage riders from seven countries vied for top scores under F.E.I. judges Carlos Lopes (POR), Hanneke Gerritsen (NED), and Marc Urban (BEL). For two weekends, beginning with the Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3* and ending with the Wellington Classic Sunshine Challenge CPEDI3*, para-equestrian dressage riders have the opportunity to earn their qualifying scores and increase their international rankings before the 2012 London Paralympics.  For each country the next two weekends will mark the closeout of the team rankings before London. Dueling for the top positions in Friday's Team Test were Canada and the United States. Competition will continue Saturday with the Individual Test, and end Sunday with the Freestyle competition followed by the awards ceremony

The first of four para-equestrians representing the United States was rider Mary Jordan (Grade IV) of Wells, ME aboard Sebastian, para-equestrian Dale Dedrick (Grade II) from Ann Arbor, MI on Bonifatius, Rebecca Hart (Grade II) of Erie, PA aboard Lord Ludger and Jonathan Wentz (Grade Ib), NTEC Richter Scale from Richardson,TX led by Chef d'Equipe Missy Ransehousen.. The United States team set the pace with the first ride of the day from Mary Jordan beginning at 8:30 a.m. on her team horse Sebastian. She noted, "Sebastian went pretty well today.  I had a morning ride at a beautiful facility, on a great horse. However, I am looking to produce even more out of him."
Mary Jordan and Sebastian by Lindsay McCall
Mary Jordan (Grade IV U.S.A.) and Sebastian

Mary has kept a tight schedule since December when she headed to Melbourne, Australia. "I went from Australia, to having Christmas, and then shipped both horses, Sebastian and P. Sparrow Socks to Florida," commented Mary. "It definitely took a lot of work to get down here but it was worth it. There is no substitute for becoming seasoned, the more experience we get and the more competitive mileage we gain at this level will continue to help us grow as individuals and as a team."

Jonathan put forward two steady tests aboard team horse NTEC Richter Scale and Bavarian Warmblood NTEC Jabriel. "Our goal was to use Richter as the safe choice for the team and he played it safe and executed a nice test," noted Jonathan. "Even on a bad day Richter is still consistent."
Jonathan Wentz and NTEC Ritcher Scale
Jonathan Wentz (Grade Ib U.S.A.) and NTEC Richter Scale

He continued, "I am looking forward to the rest of this weekend and especially next week's CPEDI3*. Saturday's individual test ramps up even more, the turns become tighter, and each test presents a new set of challenges. For me it's about keeping steady and working hard, and those goals come easy with my trainer Kai Handt, his assistant Coach Happy Comly, and of course owners Julia Handt and Rachel Zent."
Dale Dedrick and Bonifatius by Lindsay McCall
Dale Dedrick (Grade II U.S.A.) and Bonifatius

For rider Dale Dedrick and Bonifatius a score of 69.318% would capture the top score for the United States. "It was one of those tests that was quite even," smiled Dale.  "I like to ride a steady test on the first day because Erik is a horse than can get enthusiastic and sometimes he will volunteer a little more than necessary. Since we rode a test that was balanced and correct I now know he is listening. Saturday will be about going deep in the corners, making sure the transitions are correct, and perfecting the details. For the team I know we have a great group of people that top riders that will perform their best this weekend."
Rebecca Hart and Lord Ludger by Lindsay McCall
Rebecca Hart (Grade II U.S.A.) and Lord Ludger

Rounding out the United States team was top rider Rebecca Hart aboard Lord Ludger. "I was quite happy with him," said Rebecca.  "There was a lot of outside stimuli and he handled it beautifully. I enjoyed the team test competition today and I also enjoyed riding my relatively new mount Hugh Knows."  Hugh Knows was a prior event horse owned by Jacklyn Mars. Rebecca is planning to continue to grow with both horses as they make their way to selection trials this summer.

Representing the Canadian team at the Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3* was Madison Lawson on McGuire (Grade IV), Lauren Barwick aboard Off To Paris (Grade II), Ashley Gowanlock and Ferdonia 2 (Grade Ib), and Jody Schloss on Inspector Rebus (Grade Ia).

With Canada and the United States dueling for the top placing, Chef d'Equipe of Canada, Elizabeth Quigg , was very happy with the team's results.  She noted, "The team went as well as expected and we are hoping to maintain that through the next six months. We brought a lot of people down to Florida so they could get more experience with the two shows back to back.  It is also a good opportunity to assess everybody from the winter but we have a long way to go till August."

Jody Schloss responded, "I am looking forward to the next week as well.  We all ride really hard and I think are marks showed that."
James Dwyer and Orlando
James Dwyer (Grade IV Ireland) and Orlando

Excelling in Grade IV with a winning score of 68.75% James Dwyer of Ireland and his trusty gelding Orlando. James remarked, "I was overall pretty happy with my ride today.  There are a few little things here and there that we need to work on but overall all he was really good and I couldn't have asked for more."

Like many of the para-equestrian dressage competitors James will stay through the two weeks of competition.  After a short break he will head to Europe with Orlando where he will show in France, Belgium, and Germany in preparation for the 2012 Selection Trials.

As the weekend continues riders from the United States, Canada, Ireland, Finland, Bermuda, Japan, and Mexico will compete in Saturday's Individual competition followed by Sunday's Freestyle and awards ceremony.

Results: Placing, Name, Name of Horse, Total Score

Grade 1a
1.    Jody Schloss, Inspector Rebus, 67.157
2.    Lorrietta Oakleaf, Niekele fon Busenitz, 63.529
3.    Robyn Andrews, Fancianna, 62.745
4.    Kim Decker, Dasher's Destiny,  62.157
5.    Alexander Mitchell, Guiness Maskell, 61.863
6.    Robyn Andrews, Ravallo Son, 61.471
7.    NTEC Manchada, Mina Chinju 56.275

Grade 1b
1.    Ashley Gownlock, Fredonia 2, 70.985
2.    Jonathan Wentz, NTEC Jabriel, 69.381
3.    Jonathan Wentz, NTEC Richter Scale, 66.212
4.    Jaana Kivimaki, Sarona, 63.636
5.    Katja Karjalainen, Hidden Creek Jones, 63.409

Grade II
1.    Lauren Barwick, Off to Paris, 71.667
2.    Dale Dedrick, Bonifatius, 69.318
3.    Rebecca Hart, Lord Ludger, 69.048
4.    Rebecca Hart, Hugh Knows, 65.714
5.    Fernanda Otheguy, Sarona, 64.921
6.    Elizabeth Pigott, Whitney's Willow, 63.651
7.    Margret McIntosh, Idalgo, 61.905
8.    Charlotte Bathon, Sportsfield Twist,  57.460

Grade III
1. Eleanor Brimmer, Carino H, 57.531

Grade IV
1.    James Dwyer, Orlando,  68.750
2.    Lynne Pool, Vasco E, 64.427
3.    Lynee Pool, Fisbee, 63.958
4.    Madison Lawson, McGuire, 63.958
5.    Mary Jordan, Sebastian, 63.333
6.    Mary Jordan, P Sparrow Socks, 62.135

For more information about the Gold Coast Dressage Opener please visit or contact Noreen O'Sullivan (561) 714-9026.

Photo Credit: 2012 Gold Coast Dressage Association Festival CPEDI3* in Wellington, FL at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center. Photo © Lindsay Y McCall for the United States Para-Equestrian Association.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Phillips and Ransehousen Named 2011 USEF Coaches of the Year

RELEASE: January 18, 2012
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: From the USEF Communications Department

Lexington, KY - The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has nominated Capt. Mark Phillips and Missy Ransehousen for top coaching honors with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). With this nomination, they have been named USEF Coach and Para-Equestrian Coach of the Year.

Capt. Phillips has had a long tenure of medal winning service to the USEF. Beginning in 1993 - he has brought medals home from every championship he has coached, except for one. In 2011 his team made history. They won Pan American Team Gold with all five athletes finishing on their dressage scores. This is the first time in history this ever happened. The U.S. Team also won Individual Silver and Bronze. Even more impressively, this was a relatively inexperienced team, only one rider had represented their country previously. He has worked tirelessly on the developing rider program the results of which are now being utilized. He serves on four USEF Committees and is a top international course designer and technical delegate. His impact on the sport, both in 2011 and throughout his career has been profound and garnered him the Nomination of USEF Coach of the Year.

Missy Ransehousen has had a banner year with the U.S. Para-Equestrian Dressage Team, coaching two winning teams at the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Para-Equestrian CPEDI 3* in Saugerties, NY and at the Saddlewood Festival of Dressage CPEDI 3* in Werribee, AUS. Ransehousen also coached Rebecca Hart to a Reserve Championship Individual honors at the USEF Para-Equestrian CPEDI3* and then on to a double win at the Saddlewood CPEDI3*. The Australian success was even more impressive because it was achieved entirely on borrowed horses. Ransehousen has coached four-time National Para-Equestrian Champion and Paralympian Rebecca Hart to all of her championship titles. Ransehousen's commitment to the sport is tireless, her efforts since 2000 have grown the sport considerably and she works as an advocate and fundraiser for the program as much as she works helping her riders succeed.

"Captain Phillips and Missy Ransehousen are extraordinary coaches," said James Wolf, USEF Executive Director, Sport Programs. "Both of these individual have dedicated their lives to the training of horses and riders. Their dedication, determination, integrity and work ethic make them both strong candidates for USOC Coach of the Year Honors."

Both Phillips and Ransehousen will be considered by the USOC for the National and Paralympic Coach of the Year Award that will be announced in late spring/early summer 2012.

Samantha Interviews Becca Hart!

Thank you again to Samantha for all the great coverage of the BHF crew. This is a wonderful & informative interview with Becca, and some great news about her Olympic sponsorship through Starbucks!! We'll be sure to have more on that.......

"Becca has been the alternate at one Olympics, placed 4th individually at another, and now tells us about her plans for the London 2012 Olympics, which include an amazing spsonsorship deal. Wishing Becca all the very best, and looking forward to seeing her in England this summer." ` Samantha

Interview with Samantha Clark of Eventing Nation!

Oh Ocala!

I hate to gloat, and I'm only here for three days (but I am buying a lottery ticket even though Francis assures me it's just a waste of money), but Florida in the winter - Hellz to the yeah, sign me up, baby! Longwood Farm in Ocala has long been a favourite place for many eventers to board, school and train, even for the USET, however now you can even compete, and of course clinic here! Joe Watkins explains it in a bit more detail.

Missy Ransehousen is something of a regular here at Longwood, and very kindly lent me a horse for a morning hack; please excuse the wobbling camera, and near collision with grand-daddy oak as I interview her on horseback, and instead just try to enjoy the ride! 

Missy was riding a very nice Irish import, Ike, a 6 year old, very handsome, and only about 18hh, maybe she'll  grow into him! 

Missy and Ike

 Thanks for chatting Missy, and Joe, if I get lucky (on the lottery, duh!)  I'm coming down to stay, and thanks to Bouncer for looking after me, the perfect mummy's hack!  In the meantime, we'll bring you reports from the next two days of the Francis Whittington clinic, and then we're headed back to Kentucky to Go Eventing, not! 

Friday, January 6, 2012

An Update from Florida!

I just got off the phone with my friend Missy, who casually rubbed in the fact that it's going to be 70 in Ocala today.  Hmmph!! I'm starting to feel like the goose who missed the southbound migration!!

The crew is settled into Longwood Farm (owned by Betsy Watkins) down in Ocala, after spending a week in Wellington prior to the holidays.  Missy took BG, Ike and Bouncer to Wellington for some jump lessons with Holly Mitten and Pat Dwyer, as well as polishing up some flat work on BG with Tod Flettrich.

The eventing season starts off this weekend with Bouncer, Missy's adorable new grey horse, taking on the Beginner Novice division at the Ocala Horse Trials.  The following weekend she will be heading to a dressage show with BG, who is happily back in regular work.

Students Kathleen Sullivan from Ky., Donna Miller from Ga. and Dr. Peter Berk from Ct. will be joining the Blue Hill crew down in Ocala for winter training.  Working students Madison and David went down with Missy during the first migration, and Jessica is leaving this coming Monday with the Para crew - Becca, Elizabeth, James and Margaret.

Safe travels to all & please take plenty of pictures to send back to the eskimos left here in Pa.!!  LT