Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year from BHF South!!

Well it's official, the Unionville crew is settled into their southern location in Citra (Ocala) and we're all ready for an amazing 2016!!

Many thanks to Hanne Boekell for being my PR assistant in Ocala and sending these great pictures and updates from the first few days at the farm:

"I hope these pictures illustrate the first few days we have had here in Ocala!  We got in around midnight on Monday night, and spent the next day setting up the upper barn and  lower barns, while the horses got turned out in the warm sun. Today, Peter Berk's horses Roger and Prince arrived, and so did Gigi and her husband Brian. All the horses went for a trot, except for Devon and Fabe, who had a jump lesson. Rio started to prepare for her show this weekend with Missy, also. It's great to be here!"

We are expecting regular updates from Missy and the whole crew down south, as we already miss them here in Pennsylvania.  We have great expectations for an amazing 2016 with all of our horses, friends and clients at Blue Hill Farm.  

Have a very Happy New Year!!

Fritz and Topper Enjoying the Sunshine

Gigi and Rio

Ronja Enjoying the View

First Trot Set

Woody Loving The New Digs

Devon XC Schooling

Monday, December 14, 2015

Madeline Backus Shines As Top Young Rider in 2015!

Photo Courtesy
Area Ix Young Riders
Blue Hill Farm is so proud of all the exceptional Young Riders who have come through our program throughout the past several decades!  This year Madeline Backus has impressed not just the team at Blue Hill Farm for her dedication, work ethic and commitment to the sport of Eventing, but she clearly earned the same credit from the USEA.  Madeline was awarded the Amy Tryon Young Rider Grant at the 2015 USEA convention in Washington DC, and we can't wait to watch she and Ari shine during the 2016 competition season.

Details on the USEA Amy Tryon Grant:

"The USEA Endowment Trust is pleased to announce The Amy Tryon Young Rider Grant.
Amy Tryon was an icon in our sport. Amy, through her determination and grit, made way from Northwestern Washington to two Olympics. She was a dedicated, hardworking, and talented rider who started in Pony Club, participated in USEA’s Young Rider program, and eventually won an Olympic medal. Amy over came financial constraints, geographical distance, full time employment, and many other roadblocks to accomplish what most people can only dream about.
A tenacious, persistent, hardworking, and talented individual, Amy overcame long odds to accomplish the near-impossible. It is with this admiration and inspiration that the Amy Tryon Young Rider Grant has been created.
"The USEA Endowment Trust therefore now establishes the Amy Tryon Young Rider Grant with the contributions from the friends and family of the Olympic Event Rider, Amy Tryon. This fund is created to provide direct financial assistance to aspiring event riders who are participating in the USEA Young Rider programs and have aspirations of achieving the highest levels of International Eventing. The goal of the Grant is to provide riders with limited financial resources with the support they require to prepare and to compete at international three-day events. The USEA Young Rider Program member rider must display an outstanding work ethic and the tenacity exemplified by Amy Tryon, as well as the potential to achieve a high level of international competition. Assistance is considered for coaching, specialized training, entry fees, living costs for horse and rider, and/or travel. The monies available for these Grants are provided from donations made to the USEA Endowment Trust."

Madeline has worked so hard over the past several years to bring Ari up through the levels while balancing her responsibilities here at Blue Hill Farm.  Her 2015 competition year has culminated with a trifecta of nominations include winning the Young Rider award at Fair Hill International in October, being nominated to the Eventing 25 Training List and then receiving the honor of the Amy Tryon Grant.   You can also listen to an interview regarding with Madeline regarding the Eventing 25 Training List on the USEA podcast (minute 19).

"I am so honored to have been chosen as the recipient of the Amy Tryon Grant! It is such a special award. I will strive to be the hard worker, inspiration, and wonderful equestrian that Amy Tryon was.
It has been such a huge year for me! I can not thank everyone enough. Without all of your support, I would not be where I am today. Let's get 2016 started!"

Madeline has also received lots of well deserved press this year as she's progressed up through the Advanced level.  Here is a great article on her posted to Eventing Nation in August of this year.   You can also listen

We are ready for 2016 as well and can't wait to watch Madeline Backus shine!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Seema's Spirit of Volunteering Lives On In Our Eventing Community!

Many thanks go out to Bonnie Kibbie and Holly Covey for their dedication to ensuring that Seema's spirit of volunteering lives on in our Event community.

Article from Eventing Nation........

Seema Sonnad’s Dream for Volunteerism Lives On

Seema Sonnad in her element — volunteering! Photo by Cynthia Gilbert/Gazworks Inc.  

Seema Sonnad in her element — volunteering! Photo by Cynthia Gilbert/Gazworks Inc.
Seema Sonnad had a mission to grow volunteerism in eventing and reward volunteers for their service. Before her death in May this year, Seema developed a plan that could serve as a jumping-off point for better recognizing, organizing and educating volunteers. Though she was unable to see her plan come to fruition, Seema’s dreams for volunteerism are living on thanks to the dedication of a wonderful group of hardworking people.

The USEA Volunteer Recognition and Education Committee, on which Seema served, existed for only one year, but at this past weekend’s USEA Annual Meeting and Convention in Washington, D.C., the Board of Governors moved to form an official Volunteer Committee headed by USEA president-elect Carol Kozlowski and create a proposal to develop a Volunteer Incentive Program.
Holly Covey and Bonnie Kibbie presented to the Board Seema’s four-point program for volunteers, which includes volunteer recognition, a national database, an awards program and incentives. The ultimate goal is to create an integrated volunteer program that makes it easier for organizers to connect with and educate volunteers, as well as reward them for the many hours they donate to the sport.

“Through the USEA we can promote volunteerism, get people involved that weren’t involved previously, grow membership, help the organizers and grow volunteers,” Bonnie said. “Individual shows do great things for volunteers, but (we need to) create one top-down system to streamline things and recognize volunteers for what they do.”

The Volunteer Incentives session on Saturday afternoon at the Convention was well attended by participants from all corners of the sport, and a constructive discussion explored countless ideas for enhancing the culture of volunteerism. With a solid framework, focused goals and creative ideas from a passionate community, volunteerism is well on its way to getting the boost it needs.

Seema Sonnad's husband Henry Glick and PRO President Allison Springer present Bodgie Read and Dale Clabaugh with the inaugural PRO Above & Beyond Event Personnel Award. Photo by Jenni Autry.
Seema Sonnad’s husband Henry Glick and PRO President Allison Springer present Bodgie Read and Dale Clabaugh with the inaugural PRO Above & Beyond Event Personnel Award. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Members of the community who filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office received a letter dated 11/5/2015.  Susan Buckman, who organized an investigation into the passing of the disputed Newlin Township Equine Ordinance of 2014, has served the township with a letter requiring that they rescind the ordinance or face legal action.

Blue Hill Farm in Newlin Township
Suzanne Bush from the Pennsylvania Equestrian Newspaper was present at the last township meeting where the board of supervisors refused to open discussion around the Attorney General's letter.  Suzanne has written a comprehensive article including her interview with the head of the Board Of Supervisors, Janie Baird.

The next board of supervisors meeting is 12/14/15 and we are hoping to see full support from our community members at this meeting.  In an interview with Suzanne Bush, Janie Baird responded that they don't intend to put this on the meeting agenda, as the Attorney General's office took their time serving the requirement to rescind the ordinance or face legal action.

Please read the following article below by the Pa Equestrian and please come out to show your support!


Monday, November 30, 2015

Accepting Clients and Horses For Ocala!

Another winter season is quickly approaching and Blue Hill Farm is gearing up for the convoy south!!

Last year Missy and the BHF team settled into a beautiful 80 acre property in Citra owned by Cindy Torbeck, an area about 20 minutes from the heart of Ocala.  The farm was beautiful, with a central home (for Cindy's family), 2 large barns and a gigantic front field primarily used for training, dressage and show jumping.  Ample turnout ensures that all the ponies have plenty of room to stretch.

Florida Address:
653 West Hwy 316 
Citra, Fl 32113 

We will be accepting new horses and riders in training beginning in January at this beautiful farm in the Ocala area.  Please contact Missy for more information and we'll see you in Florida!!

Missy cell - 484-576-3947

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

British Paralympic Coach Clive Milkins Teaches at BHF!

Blue Hill Farm was honored to welcome British Paralympic coach Clive Milkins to the farm this past week to coach both Gigi McIntosh and Riley Garrett.

Clive has decades of experience coaching British para equestrians at the upper level of the sport, most notably at the World Championships and Paralympic games.  Under his leadership, he's coached at the Athens, Beijing and London Paralympics, with his rider Sophie Christiansen winning multiple gold metals at the London games in 2012.

Missy and Jessica very much appreciated the time to collaborate with Clive on different training approaches with each rider.  Clive now travels throughout the world teaching individuals and clinics, greatly enjoying the opportunity to share his wealth of knowledge.

Thank you Clive for joining us at BHF and we look forward to your return!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Para-Dressage Championships Conclude In Texas; Next Stop Adequan® Global Dressage Festival In Wellington!

Sharing an article written by resident Blue Hill Farm team member Lisa Thomas, written for Wellington Equestrian Realty.  Article below.

Para-Dressage Championships Conclude In Texas; Next Stop Adequan® Global Dressage Festival In Wellington

Becca on Romani by Lindsay McCall
Rebecca Hart on Romani. Photo by Lindsay McCall

Last week in Katy, Texas the USEF High Performance Para-Equestrian Dressage National Championships wrapped up with yet another year of solid performances by all of the para-equestrians who attended. The USPEA (United States Para-Equestrian Association) is a recognized affiliate of the USEF (United States Equestrian Federation), providing opportunities for training, clinics and competitions on an international stage for riders with disabilities. The USPEA seeks to offer those riders who became exposed to horses through therapeutic riding programs the opportunity to take their equestrian pursuits to the competitive level.

Para-Dressage divisions are classified by Grades according to disability, and the USPEA has seen growth in the para-equestrian sport with the number of riders tripling over the past several years. Since recognized USDF para competitions are not as readily available as able-bodied events, most USDF able bodied competitions offer para-equestrians the opportunity to ride and compete, earning points towards national championships.

The High Performance and National Championships just recently concluded in Katy, Texas and all of USA’s High Performance para-equestrian’s were in attendance. Across all the grade divisions a total of 15 riders were in attendance, competing on 19 horses. Rebecca Hart garnered her 7th High Performance National Championship title aboard Schroeter’s Romani.

Below is an excerpt from the recent USPEA’s Championship press release:

Katy, Texas – November 3, 2015 – Accomplished Grade II athlete Rebecca Hart once again took home the USEF Para-Equestrian Dressage High Performance National Championship aboard Shroeter’s Romani. Hart maintained the lead over a large field of competitors at the 2015 Championship earning the Leading Athlete award. She also topped the ranks of Grade II in the Katy, Texas CPEDI3* event. Hart is a two-time Paralympian (2008, 2012) and two-time World Equestrian Games athlete (2010, 2014). Annie Peavy earned the 2015 USEF Para-Equestrian High Performance Dressage Reserve Championship with Ozzy Cooper, owned by Rebecca Reno.
“In addition to winning the High Performance Championship and earning the Leading Athlete Award, Rebecca Hart and Romani topped the Grade II CPEDI3*. The pair has been campaigning around the world perfecting their tests and earning valuable feedback from judges across Europe.”
In our previous article we featured para-equestrian Margaret McIntosh who traveled from her home base at Blue Hill Farm in Unionville, Pennsylvania to compete at the championships in Katy, Texas. Coached by Missy Ransehousen, an upper level event rider, prior Pan American team member and 3 time paralympic coach, McIntosh had high expectations from her own Rio Rio for the National Championships in the Grade 1a. This pair had success by winning their CPEDI3* Individual Test, but the travel to Texas and great shift in climate from the hurricane in Mexico had it’s impact on her final test. Rio Rio, although exceptionally well trained and prepared for this event, had a typical horse moment, demonstrating that even para horses are prone to an occasional buck with weather changes. With only 2 riders in her Grade 1a division, this sort of error immediately cost McIntosh a second win.

Bolstering The High Performance Numbers For The USPEA

McIntosh’s division wasn’t the only one with a low number of entries. With several of the high performance divisions only having a few entries, one questions why participation is low at high performance level in the Para-Equestrian championships. A call to the president of the USPEA, Hope Hand, revealed several reasons why the championships waned in numbers.

“One of the biggest challenges to increasing the number of riders at competitions is, of course, the cost associated with sourcing appropriate mounts and funding the travel to compete at national horse shows. Surprisingly, there actually isn’t a shortage of horses. We have great horses, but we need to be able to raise funds to educate, provide training and develop our newer para-riders so they can come up through the ranks and compete in the high performance divisions.”

Hope Hand also commented that fund raising to provide training camps and educational programs is one of the biggest challenges when seeking to bolster the number of participants. “Our developing riders are young and the learning curve to prepare these riders for this level of competition is great. We need to raise money for training camps to funnel more riders into the High Performance pipeline. The 15 riders who competed in Texas represented our entire list of High Performance Para-Equestrians. Everyone at that talent level was present.”

In speaking with Missy Ransehousen, she agrees that the challenges lie with providing proper training for the developing riders. Rebecca Hart who trained with Blue Hill Farm for years until moving to Wellington, is a prime example of the hard work required to make it to the top of the sport. “Becca has trained and dedicated herself to being a competitive para-equestrian for the past decade. She dominates the sport because she has trained hard and has made personal sacrifices to get to where she is within the sport.”

Hart has relocated to Wellington, Florida and is currently training with Todd Flettrich, who was also trained and mentored earlier in his career by Jessica Ransehousen, Missy’s mother and 3 time Olympian. Hart flourished through her previous coaching experience with the Ransehousens, and by relocating to Wellington to train full time with Flettrich, has every tool for success. Through the generous backing of Margaret Duprey and Cherry Knoll Farm, William and Sandy Kimmel, Barbara Summer and Hart’s other supporters, she will continue to be competitive on the international stage.

Adequan Global Dressage Festival Announces Expanded CPEDI Para-Equestrian Tour!

Annie Peavy and Ozzy Cooper. Photo by Lindsay Y. McCall
Annie Peavy and Ozzy Cooper. Photo by Lindsay Y. McCall

Just in time for the 2016 season, Jennifer Wood Media circulated this encouraging press release regarding a generous donation for the upcoming season in Wellington.

“The Adequan® Global Dressage Festival is very excited to host an expanded tour for the para-equestrian riders in 2016,” stated Thomas Baur, Director of Sport for AGDF. “Wellington is home to some of the best equestrian competition in the world, and we hope to continue to grow the sport and welcome more great competitors each year. This year is especially important as riders prepare for the 2016 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We look forward to hosting the world’s top horses and riders as they build up to those important championships.
“Mission Control, an advertising company owned by Ed Peavy and Rebecca Reno, is one of the four presenting sponsors of CPEDI competition at this year’s AGDF. In 2015, Mission Control presented two small tour CDI shows, and for 2016, Rebecca Reno has been a driving force in expanding the CPEDIs. The couple began sponsoring the sport in support of their daughter, Annie, who is a Grade III Para-Dressage rider.
“Annie Peavy was recently named reserve champion in the CPEDI 3* High Performance division at the 2015 USEF Para-Equestrian Dressage National Championships. She and champion Rebecca Hart, along with many other top Para-Dressage competitors, look forward to competing in Wellington this winter as they prepare for the 2016 Paralympic Games. Peavy trains with Heather Blitz, who is a well-known competitor on the AGDF circuit each season.”

Join Us In Raising Awareness of the USPEA and Their Para-Equestrians

Riders at the 2014 CPEDI at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. Photo by Lindsay Y. McCall
Riders at the 2014 CPEDI at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. Photo by Lindsay Y. McCall

It’s now time to see what we can do to help other riders dedicate the time and raise their level of training so we can develop other talented para-equestrians to compete at this level!

The international para-dressage athletes will be competing at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida, January 7-10 and 21-24, 2016 and their riders need our help. If you will be in Wellington this January, please come out to show your support and to watch these competitors in action. The USPEA together with the USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) will be hosting fundraising events in the Wellington area and we will certainly post that information once the details have been finalized.

In the interim, please learn more about the USPEA (United States Para Equestrian Association) through their website, consider making a donation to this developing discipline and come out to support them in Wellington this upcoming January!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Congratulations To Madeline Backus On Your Nomination to the Eventing 25 Training List!!!!

Everyone at Blue Hill Farm is so thrilled for our resident Eventing 25 recipient, Madeline Backus!!  Missy and Jess are so proud of her great educational year, culminating with her young rider award at Fair Hill.  This girl has all the components to be a world class rider - she's a hard worker, a talented rider and a wonderful human being!  We can't wait to see how far she and P.S. Arianna will go this year.  Onto Young Riders and the Fair Hill International 3!

Fair Hill 2015
Photo Steven J. Berkowitz
USEF Names 2016 Eventing High Performance Winter/Spring Eventing Training Lists, Eventing 25 and Eventing 18 Program Participants

Authored By: USEF Press Release

Lexington, Ky. - The USEF Eventing High Performance Committee has approved the following athletes to the High Performance Winter/Spring Training Lists and the Eventing 25 and Eventing 18 programs for 2016. The High Performance athletes will participate in training sessions with U.S. Eventing Team Coach David O'Connor, while the Eventing 25 and 18 athletes will work with USEF Eventing Developing Rider Coach Leslie Law in their respective training sessions. Training session dates and locations will be announced at a later date.

High Performance
World Class List:
Will Coleman (Gordonsville, Va.)
Phillip Dutton (West Grove, Pa.)
Lauren Kieffer (Middleburg, Va.)
Boyd Martin (Cochranville, Pa.)
Clark Montgomery (Tetbury, England)
Tamra Smith (Temecula, Calif.)
Lynn Symansky (Middleburg, Va.)
National List:
Emily Beshear (Somerset, Va.)
Matt Brown (Cochranville, Pa.)
Buck Davidson (Ocala, Fla.)
Marilyn Little (Frederick, Md.)
Colleen Rutledge (Mt. Airy, Md.)
Kim Severson (Charlottesville, Va.)
The Eventing High Performance Training Lists will be reviewed quarterly by the USEF Eventing Selection Committee and the USEF Eventing High Performance Committee.

Eventing 25
Madeline Backus (Larkspur, Colo.)
Jenny Caras (Cartersville, Ga.)
Jacob Fletcher (North Little Rock, Ark.)
Savannah 'Woodge' Fulton (Ocala, Fla.)
Alexandra Green (Loudon, Tenn.)
Avery Klunick (Midland, Texas)
Caroline Martin (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Lexi Scovil (Ocala, Fla.)*
Chloe Smyth (Poway, Calif.)
Lizzie Snow (Southern Pines, N.C.)
Mackenna Shea (Temecula, Calif.)
*Indicates rider that was talent spotted into the program. 

Eventing 18
Karri Bellamy (Scotia, N.Y.)
Kristine Burgess (Lino Lakes, Minn.)
Mia Farley (San Clemente, Calif.)
Camilla Grover-Dodge (Lancaster, Pa.)
Morgan McCue (West Chester, Pa.)
Patience O'Neal (Fall City, Wash.)
Makenna Rold (Delano, Minn.)
Margaret Stocker (Bartonville, Texas)
Madison Temkin (Sebastopol, Calif.)
Kristen Turner (Dallas, Texas)
Cassandra Wallskog (Mequon, Wis.)

The USEF International High Performance Programs are generously supported by the USET Foundation, USOC, and USEF Sponsors and Members. Without the support of these organizations and individuals, it would not be possible to support the training of the athletes named to these lists. The USEF is especially grateful to individuals who give generously of their time and money to support the equestrian teams.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

News From The Katy Texas Para-Championships and Gigi's Home Town of Reading, Pa!

For our Para fans, we do have an update on Gigi and Rio's adventures at the US Para-Equestrian Dressage Championships recently held in Katy, Tx.  It took a huge effort from the team at Blue Hill Farm and through Gigi's generous supporters - but this team made it to Katy Texas, and we are very grateful!  

Our Reunion With Rachel Gross!
Rio Rio!

Here is the update from Gigi:

"Finishing a very successful year in 2015, Rio Rio was in third place overall before she spooked in the Freestyle, dropping us down to a very close fifth in the USEF High Performance Para-Equestrian Dressage National Championship."

The competition in Texas was an opportunity to get in front of our competition and the judges, but was not an actual selection trial.  With that in mind, Gigi and Rio did not have their best showing to date, but the experience of traveling to Texas was paramount in preparation for the upcoming selection trials.

"We are still very much in contention for the 2016 US Paralympic Dressage Team as the selection competition moves to Wellington for two CPEDI3* International competitions January 14-17 and January 28-31, 2016."

Gigi continues with her feedback on Rio's weekend, "I'd like to blame Rio's disobedience on the weather, beginning with her arrival in Katy, TX in the middle of Hurricane Patricia! The week that followed involved wind, rain and stifling humidity, culminating in a lovely cool Freestyle Day. After all that, no wonder she was feeling a little fresh!"

"My heartfelt gratitude to Missy Ransehousen and Rachel Gross (the indispensable members of Team Rio Rio who have seen us through all sorts of adversity) and to Jessica Ransehousen and the home team at Blue Hill Farm for their enthusiastic support.  Thank you (especially) to my husband Brian, my family and my priceless friends with their limitless encouragement!  We were very happy to have great friends from Houston, Kathy Van Wie, Josephine and Martin Langley and Robin Gross cheering us on as well!"    

Gigi is also extremely appreciative to her sponsors at Nutrena and Winnie's Cookies for helping support her in her quest to make the 2016 US Paralympic Team!

In other news, Fork In The Road continues to be featured in area film festivals.

Thanks to Lettie Hummel's encouragement,…….Gigi's short documentary, Fork In The Road, has been chosen to be shown at the Reading Film Festival on Saturday, November 14 at the Reading RC IMAX 11 movie theater!   Showing times are from 2-4PM in a series called Saturday Shorts, see the following link for ticket information!

If you are local, reserve your tickets and make plans for a fun local event this weekend!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Missy to Conduct An Eventing Clinic in West Bend, Wisconsin Dec 5th & 6th

Missy Ransehousen Clinic
Date: December 5 - December 6 2015
5151 Beaver Dam Rd, West Bend, Wisconsin 53090

Facebook Event Invite

We are excited to have the opportunity to bring International Event and silver medal dressage rider Missy Ransehousen back to WI for a 2 day clinic.

Group lessons are approximately 1.5hrs in duration and private dressage lessons 45 minutes.
Group lessons will focus on dressage and stadium jumping on Saturday laying the groundwork for Sundays jumping lesson.  

Group lessons $220.00 for the weekend

Private lesson (dressage only) $90.00/ lesson

Haul in fee $10.00/day

Missy has successfully competed nationally and internationally for the USA eventing team including wining a silver medal at the 1995 Pan Am Games. When not eventing, she has competed successfully through Prix St George dressage achieving her silver medal.  She has trained extensively with Olympians Jessica Ransehousen and Robert Dover.

More information about Missy can be found on her web page

Contact Alex Philpin: for clinic details and registration!

Current Sales Horses Woody and Wripples!

We have two very versatile amateur horses on the market right now at Blue Hill Farm!

Woody, 2003, 16.1H Imported KWPN Gelding

Woody is a 2003 16.1 hand imported KWPN gelding. He is by Houston out of a Flemmingh mare.

Woody has led a low mileage lifestyle due to the owner's work commitments but would be competitive in many disciplines including dressage, show jumping and eventing. He has solid dressage fundamentals and experience at 1st level schooling shows and is also a super jumper. Woody is a class act with an endearing personality and is a pleasure to handle every day.

Versatile, Sound, Genuine

Jumping at BHF

Dressage at BHF 

Call Missy Ransehousen (484) 576-3947
or owner Pari Nurrish (302) 660-6094

Wripples, 2008, 16.2H Oldenberg Gelding


2008, 16.2H Canadian Warmblood Gelding by Watch Me (Oldenberg) out of a TB mare.

Wripples has been in professional training at Blue Hill for over a year and has been competed by Rachel Gross through 2nd level at Blue Goose and other unrecognized shows. He's a beautiful mover with the education and ability to go to 3rd level.

He is an exceptional horse for an amateur who wants to be quite competitive at the lower levels in the dressage ring!

Schooling Dressage at Blue Hill Farm

Call Missy Ransehousen (484) 576-3947

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Blue Hill Farm Welcomes Jessica Pye to Our Team!!

We are very excited to welcome Jessica Pye to the BHF Team!  Jess, who hails from Texas, joined us in September and has had quite a successful competition career and training background before heading east.

NAME: Jessica Pye
With BHF Since September 2015
Discipline - Eventing
Horse - DeeJay
(Owned by Dr. Jo Ellen Krueger of Dallas, TX)

Jess joined us in the fall of 2015 and we're thrilled to have her on board. She has a very broad background, having trained Under Mike Huber for 13 years, Captain Mark Phillips and Karen and David O'Connor.

She has over a decade of experience Training/Coaching various ages & skill levels in Eventing, Hunter/Jumpers, Equitation and Dressage and Schooling Green/Young Horses. She also won Individual Gold in Eventing at the NAJYR in 2005!

She will be working in a variety of capacities while at BHF and completing her Masters Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology while juggling her equestrian pursuits!  Welcome Jess!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Looking Back On Fair Hill International!

This past weekend at Fair Hill International was such a great reflection on the team work that always falls into place at Blue Hill Farm.  In the recent week the barn has been a hub of activity, with Devon coming into town with her to young horses and everyone pitching in to get she and Madeline ready for FHI.

There's so much that goes into getting our horses and riders ready for Fair Hill, from the fitness and training plans in the recent few weeks to the final set of approving eyes from our great farrier and vet team.  We simply couldn't choreograph a successful year end event without the help of everyone in the barn, including Stacey Kent DVM and Chester County Farrier Associates!

Devon and Her Boys :)
Missy and Jessica are so proud of both Devon and Madeline for their successes at Fair Hill this past weekend.  Fabian and Salty were so consistent throughout the event, and Madeline impressed everyone with two super clear rounds over tough XC and stadium courses.  Fair Hill is never one for the faint of heart and these two girls proved their mettle!

Madeline with her Mom Laura, Ari  & Maya
Sara Benton & her son Jack
Devon got a little PR love from EN and Madeline was also pleasantly surprised to get called back up to the awards presentation for her 2015 USEF Your Rider Reserve Championship!!  With this award and her fabulous completion of Fair Hill International, she now has her 2* qualifications for next season's NAJYR in Kentucky!!

Thank you to everyone at Blue Hill Farm, our sponsors and to all the great supporters and families behind our riding program.  We couldn't get our riders to this point without a huge group effort from all of you!!

Check out the Blue Hill Photos on Facebook
Photo credits Lisa Thomas, Mid-Atlantic Equestrian

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thank You Equus International Film Festival!!

The EIFF (Equus International Film Festival), held from Sept 18-20 in Missoula, MT, was an inspiring reminder of the inherent beauty and kindness of horses. Janet Rose organized this celebration of the partnership between man and horse across cultures and continents. 

Gigi with Shari Montana, artist/creator of official EIFF poster!
During the three day festival, Gigi met several authors and film makers who had submissions in the festival:  Mitchell Bornstein, author of "The Last Chance Mustang", Louise Johnson,  former working student of Sharon White and the winner of the Student film award for her moving portrayal of horseman Randy Reiman, Jodi Packer, Producer of Untrammeled and Dennis Aig, Producer of Best of Festival, Unbranded.

Please check out some of the movie trailers at this link:

Thanks to our Producer Cindy Connors and our 
Cinematographer Brian Troy, Fork in the Road won an award for Equine Heroine!

List of All Award Recipients and Categories.

Gigi also wishes to thank Janet Rose, Shari Montana, Carolyn Kooker of Winnie's Cookies and our hostess and host for the week, Chris Graden and Mike Henry.  What a great experience!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Missy & Ronja Win Their 4 Year Old & Older Class at DAD!

Missy and Ronja were fortunate the have their classes at Dressage at Devon on Wednesday before the great washout, and they had a hugely successful day!  Many thanks go out to Lynn Seeburger for choosing Blue Hill Farm for the training on this lovely young mare.

Missy and Ronja had a very successful showing at Dressage at Devon;  Winning the 4 Year Old & Older Mare class, pinning 3rd in the Suitable to become a 5 Year Dressage Horse and finishing the day with a 5th place in the USEF Materiale 5 Year Old class!

Many thanks to Lynn and Pari for such a successful day at Devon.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Amateur Ladies Shine at Dunmovin!

Last weekend our ladies from Blue Hill Farm had a busy day with 6 of our clients competing at the Dunmovin Only Amateurs Dressage Show. 

Jean on Fie
Lynn Seeburger not only won the Intro A test with her Westphalian mare Ronja, she also won her division and was Reserve Champion in the Masters Division!

Joan Farwell took sixth in Training 1 with her home bred Chester County, a horse David Zeigler has here at the farm for training. Linda Nichols came in eighth on Anja in the same class.

Jean Good took the blue ribbon on her own Fie in First Level Test 2 class, and Kate Moore was hot on her heels taking second on Jessica's Simply Harry.

Kate on Harry

Elizabeth Pollet and Hobbs ( he polished up his show name, Idalgo for his day out) won the Second Level Test 1 class.

We came home laden with ribbons and prizes, and with all that great effort Jessica bought home the Trainers Award Trophy!!

Many thanks to Pari for reporting and for Bonnie for taking all the great pictures!!

Check out the photo album on our FB Page!

Next up to bat………………...

Today (9/30) Lynn is at the breed classes at Devon with Missy in the saddle, so we'll be sure to send updates on that exciting event once the day wraps up!!