Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thank You Equus International Film Festival!!

The EIFF (Equus International Film Festival), held from Sept 18-20 in Missoula, MT, was an inspiring reminder of the inherent beauty and kindness of horses. Janet Rose organized this celebration of the partnership between man and horse across cultures and continents. 

Gigi with Shari Montana, artist/creator of official EIFF poster!
During the three day festival, Gigi met several authors and film makers who had submissions in the festival:  Mitchell Bornstein, author of "The Last Chance Mustang", Louise Johnson,  former working student of Sharon White and the winner of the Student film award for her moving portrayal of horseman Randy Reiman, Jodi Packer, Producer of Untrammeled and Dennis Aig, Producer of Best of Festival, Unbranded.

Please check out some of the movie trailers at this link:

Thanks to our Producer Cindy Connors and our 
Cinematographer Brian Troy, Fork in the Road won an award for Equine Heroine!

List of All Award Recipients and Categories.

Gigi also wishes to thank Janet Rose, Shari Montana, Carolyn Kooker of Winnie's Cookies and our hostess and host for the week, Chris Graden and Mike Henry.  What a great experience!

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