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Madeline Backus Shines As Top Young Rider in 2015!

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Area Ix Young Riders
Blue Hill Farm is so proud of all the exceptional Young Riders who have come through our program throughout the past several decades!  This year Madeline Backus has impressed not just the team at Blue Hill Farm for her dedication, work ethic and commitment to the sport of Eventing, but she clearly earned the same credit from the USEA.  Madeline was awarded the Amy Tryon Young Rider Grant at the 2015 USEA convention in Washington DC, and we can't wait to watch she and Ari shine during the 2016 competition season.

Details on the USEA Amy Tryon Grant:

"The USEA Endowment Trust is pleased to announce The Amy Tryon Young Rider Grant.
Amy Tryon was an icon in our sport. Amy, through her determination and grit, made way from Northwestern Washington to two Olympics. She was a dedicated, hardworking, and talented rider who started in Pony Club, participated in USEA’s Young Rider program, and eventually won an Olympic medal. Amy over came financial constraints, geographical distance, full time employment, and many other roadblocks to accomplish what most people can only dream about.
A tenacious, persistent, hardworking, and talented individual, Amy overcame long odds to accomplish the near-impossible. It is with this admiration and inspiration that the Amy Tryon Young Rider Grant has been created.
"The USEA Endowment Trust therefore now establishes the Amy Tryon Young Rider Grant with the contributions from the friends and family of the Olympic Event Rider, Amy Tryon. This fund is created to provide direct financial assistance to aspiring event riders who are participating in the USEA Young Rider programs and have aspirations of achieving the highest levels of International Eventing. The goal of the Grant is to provide riders with limited financial resources with the support they require to prepare and to compete at international three-day events. The USEA Young Rider Program member rider must display an outstanding work ethic and the tenacity exemplified by Amy Tryon, as well as the potential to achieve a high level of international competition. Assistance is considered for coaching, specialized training, entry fees, living costs for horse and rider, and/or travel. The monies available for these Grants are provided from donations made to the USEA Endowment Trust."

Madeline has worked so hard over the past several years to bring Ari up through the levels while balancing her responsibilities here at Blue Hill Farm.  Her 2015 competition year has culminated with a trifecta of nominations include winning the Young Rider award at Fair Hill International in October, being nominated to the Eventing 25 Training List and then receiving the honor of the Amy Tryon Grant.   You can also listen to an interview regarding with Madeline regarding the Eventing 25 Training List on the USEA podcast (minute 19).

"I am so honored to have been chosen as the recipient of the Amy Tryon Grant! It is such a special award. I will strive to be the hard worker, inspiration, and wonderful equestrian that Amy Tryon was.
It has been such a huge year for me! I can not thank everyone enough. Without all of your support, I would not be where I am today. Let's get 2016 started!"

Madeline has also received lots of well deserved press this year as she's progressed up through the Advanced level.  Here is a great article on her posted to Eventing Nation in August of this year.   You can also listen

We are ready for 2016 as well and can't wait to watch Madeline Backus shine!!

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