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Congratulations & Good Luck to Blue Hill Riders!!

Gladstone, NJ -June 6, 2012 -Twenty-four horse and rider combinations will compete at the 2012 USEF Para-Equestrian Dressage Paralympic Selection Trials and National Championships. Equestrian competition will occur June 10-13 at the United States Equestrian Team Foundation headquarters in Gladstone, New Jersey. Each horse and rider combination is vying for one of the four spots on the United States Paralympic Equestrian Team headed to London. The Paralympic Equestrian events take place in London, England at Greenwich Park August 30-September 4, 2012. 

Athletes will compete under FEI Ground Jury Carlos Lopes (5*) POR, Anne Prain (5*) FRA, and Marc Urban (5*) BEL during the Selection Trials and National Championships. Competition will occur over three days in Gladstone demonstrating Team, Individual, and Freestyle Tests. The National Championship scores and Paralympic Selection Trial qualification will be calculated using 40% of the Team Test, 40% of the Individual and 20% of the Freestyle Test Scores. If there is a tie in the Final Ranking of the Selection Trials, the tie will be broken based upon the highest score earned by the athlete/horse combination in the Individual Championship Test at the Selection Trial. If a tie remains thereafter, it will be broken based upon the highest test score earned by the athlete/horse combination in the Team Test of the Selection Trial. If a tie still remains thereafter, it will be broken based upon the Musical Freestyle Test score awarded by the president of the Ground Jury to the horse/athlete combination in the Selection Trial. If a tie still remains thereafter it will be broken based on the majority vote of the Selectors.
2012 London Paralympic Selection Trials Horse & Riders
Competitor-Horse- Horse (Owner)-Grade-Hometown

Kim Decker-Dashers Destiny-Grade Ia-Centreville, Virginia
Laura Goldman-NTEC Willi Wesley (Kai Handt)-Grade Ia-Highland Heights, Ohio
Laurietta Oakleaf-Niekele fan Busenitz (Joanne Bosma)-Grade Ib-Jacksontown, Ohio
Donna Ponessa-Western Rose (Wesley Dunham)-Grade Ia-New Windsor, NY
Donna Ponessa-PG Ganda (Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center)-Grade Ia-New Windsor, New York
Jonathan Wentz-Silvano (Michele Miles)-Grade Ib-Richardson, Texas
Jonathan Wentz-NTEC Richter Scale (Kai Handt)-Grade Ib-Richardson, Texas
Wendy Fryke-Lateran-Grade III-Parker, Colorado
Dale Dedrick-Bonifatius-Grade II-Ann Arbor, Michigan
Rebecca Hart- Lord Ludger (Jessica Ransehousen)-Grade II-Erie, Pennsylvania
Rebecca Hart-Carlingsford's Taldi (Jessica Ransehousen)-Grade II-Erie, Pennsylvania
Kim Jones-Ghlenlivet (Nancy Lewis-Stanton)-Grade II-Georgetown, South Carolina
Margaret McIntosh-Carlingford JD (Trudy Phillips)-Grade Ib-Reading, Pennsylvania
Margaret McIntosh-Idalgo (owner Janis Smith) -Grade Ib-Reading, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Pigott-Whitney's Willow (Melissa Ranseshousen)-Grade II-Downington, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Pigott- One Night Stand (Regina Cristo)-Grade II-Downington, Pennsylvania
Erin Alberda-Sir Rocco (Melissa Mulchahey)-Grade III
Eleanor Brimmer- Carino H-Grade III-Wayazata, Minnesota
Robin Brueckmann-Radetzky-Grade IV-Summerfield, North Carolina
Mary Jordan-Sebastian (Deecie Denison)-Grade IV-Wells, Maine
Mary Jordan- P. Sparrow Socks -Grade IV-Wells, Maine
Lise Yervasi-Tailor Made-Grade IV-Baker City, Oregon
Lise Yervasi-Brendan Braveheart-Grade IV-Baker City, Oregon

*Sydney Collier- Otto-Grade II-Ann Arbor, Michigan*  
*Sydney Collier will not be competing for the Selection Trials due to the age qualification of 16-years for the London Paralympics. Sydney will be competing towards the 2012 USEF Para-Equestrian Dressage National Championship

FAST FACTS: 2012 USEF Para-Equestrian Dressage Paralympic Selection Trials and National Championships

WHAT: Para-Equestrian Dressage Selection Trials for London Paralympics

WHEN: June 11-13, 2012 (jog occurs June 10)

SHOW MANAGER: Kim Keenan-Stordahl

SCHEDULE (Tentative):

3:00 p.m.-Sunday June 10th
Veterinary Inspections
(sign-up for jog time slot at check-in)
-A reception for all competitors will follow the veterinary inspection

9:00AM--Monday, June 11th
Class 11 - FEI Grade Ia Team Test
Class 12 - FEI Grade Ib Team Test
Class 13 - FEI Grade II Team Test
Class 14 - FEI Grade III Team Test
Class 15 - FEI Grade IV Team Test

8:00AM--Tuesday, June 12th
Class 21 - FEI Grade Ia Individual Test
Class 22- FEI Grade Ib Individual Test
Class 23 - FEI Grade II Individual Test
Class 24 - FEI Grade III Individual Test
Class 25 - FEI Grade IV Individual Test

8:00AM --Wednesday, June 13th
Class 31 - FEI Grade Ia Freestyle Test
Class 32 - FEI Grade Ib Freestyle Test
Class 33 - FEI Grade II Freestyle Test
Class 34 - FEI Grade III Freestyle Test
Class 35 - FEI Grade IV Freestyle Test

1:00PM --Wednesday, June 13th
Award Ceremonies directly following last class

Please visit to find out more about Live Scoring during the event. Verified scores will be posted to the website approximately every ten (10) minutes.

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