Monday, August 7, 2017

New Horse and New Adventures for Gigi!

We are thrilled to announce that Gigi is officially back in the para game!!  After a brief retirement (which we all knew wouldn't last), Gigi has found her next competitive para-partner and we cannot wait to join them on their upcoming adventures.  Below is Gigi's story about finding her new partner and spending the first part of the summer in Europe! 


"This adventure started in February when Mette Assouline commenced hunting for a new Grade 1 horse for me. 

"Through an old friend of Mette's, we were introduced to Hanne Ejlersgaard. Due to her husband's sudden and unexpected passing, Hanne had contacted Mette about selling her husband's horse. When Mette mentioned needing a quiet horse with a great walk, Hanne suggested her own medium level competition mare, 13 year old, Heros, as she had never fallen off her!  Heros had a lot of previous experience at 3rd and 4th level.

"Missy travelled in Denmark with Mette and me, where we found perfection in the 13 year old, 16.1 hand mare by Blu Hors Hertug, Heros!  At the end of June, she shipped from Denmark to the Assouline's Brickhouse Farm in Essex, where we commenced intensive preparation for the CPEDI*3 at Bishop Burton!

"The month spent in Colne Engaine at Assouline Dressage went by way too quickly!  Fifteen years of experience in developing Para horses came to bear on Heros and me as her diet and exercise and my equipment and riding ability converged under Mette and Michel's guidance.

Mette and Michel, Gigi & Heros, Missy and Charlotte at Bishop Burton!
"As I had had Heros for only almost one month, I had no idea what to expect at our first show! I managed to make every common mistake in our first outing, going off course, pausing to poop and whinnying! Our subsequent tests showed steady improvements, culminating in a lovely freestyle for second place behind London Paralympic medal winner, Laurentia Tan!
"Despite my mistakes, our new USA team coach, Michel Assouline liked what he saw in the first test, stating, "The pieces are all there!" He and Missy were both delighted with our Freestyle performance and we are all looking forward to the CPEDI3* in Tryon in September!

"I have since returned to the states, and now we are waiting for Heros to be released from quarantine and return to Blue Hill Farm.
"Thanks so much to Missy and Jessica Ransehousen, Mette and Michel Assouline, Charlotte McIntosh, Ellen Beardsley, Alex Philpin and Becky Reno for all their great help in making this wonderful trip happen!"  ~  Gigi

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  1. On the left is my dear friend, Ellen Beardsley, who did a great job grooming for Heros at Bishop Burton! Mette was at home at Brickhouse Farm!