Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Season 2016 Officially Kicks Off At Ocala Horse Park!

Missy & Pups In Between Rounds
It feels like the eventing season has officially kicked off in Florida, with a busy weekend at the Ocala Horse Park for the entire team at Blue Hill Farm South!!

There are several people training with Missy while in Ocala, who are from different regions in the US, so the result is a fun crew who joins BHF for the winter.   Peter Berk, who is from Connecticut, has Prince in training with Missy, and Chrissy Hollnagee is a friend from Willow Run in Wisconsin, brought her mare Bella.  Of course Jess Pye, David, Madeline, and Meghan Lynn round out the group of regulars with a few others like our para riders Gigi & Laurieta who are shipping down for training and showing stints.

Jess & DJ!

Divisions filled at the Ocala Horse Park, and those who got in had a great weekend.  Jess Pye and DJ romped around the Prelim to a fantastic 3rd place finish, Missy took Jason Racey's Dodger in the Intermediate and had an unfortunate stumble a a combination, costing them a run out....but otherwise would have been up in the top 5.  Brigitte had only one rail and finished a very respectable 7th in a Prelim division packed with top professionals.  Peter Berk's Prince had a blooper in stadium but also finished middle of the pack and our friend Chrissy Hollnagle and Bellagio won their Open Novice division!

Live Scoring

Here's a few videos from the weekend too.  Sorry some are a bit blurry, but still fun to watch!  

Next up Rocking Horse!!

Brigitte Stadium 

Jess Water Complex XC

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