Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blue Hill Farm Announces Our Renewed Sponsorship with County Saddlery!

 Missy and Jessica are thrilled to announce that they have renewed their sponsorship with County Saddles!  Both ladies have ridden in County Saddles for years, and with the addition of County's new line of jumping saddles, the Ransehousen's are excited to be fitting the event horses in these custom saddles as well.

One of Missy's younger horses is a tough fit, and it has been a struggle to keep Dee Dee comfortable while in work.  Patti Gillen, our local Pennsylvania County Saddle fitter has gone way above the call of duty to custom fit Dee Dee in the new Solution Monoflap.  We are very excited about the arrival of that new saddle and even more excited about the renewal of this long term relationship!

"County Saddlery is so pleased to have the dynamic team of Missy and Jessica Ransenhousen back in our saddles! For years we have admired their program at Blue Hill Farm and we are looking forward to being part of the team that keeps their horses happy and their clients achieving their goals."

The County "Solution" Mono Flap

With a seat that allows you to go from a sitting position to 3 point to 2 point effortlessly and a flap that provides an amazingly secure leg and doesn't pull rearward over even the most challenging obstacles. And of course featuring County's amazing all natural tree and panel designs which allow your horse to recover his balance quicker on the landing side of a jump. Less effort, less pain and more horse left for stadium.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain, get your horse out of pain !
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