Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another Plantation Field Is A Wrap!

Once again, another glorious year at our neighborhood Plantation Field International Event is a wrap!!  We are so fortunate to have this level event literally in our back yard, and each year it just seems to improve, from the footing in dressage/stadium and warmup to the jumps on the Eric Bull cross country course.

David Ziegler & Fritz With Their Supporters
Susan Opengart, Peter Berk, Missy & Jess

Three of our Blue Hill Farm students competed in this weekend's FEI event.  David took on his first FEI event with Fritz in the 1*, and both Maggie and Madeline tackled the 3*.

We're so proud of all our riders who experienced certain challenges and also moments of brilliance!  David executed a solid dressage test, and then took on the XC course in fine form, with only a few time penalties.  This pair is just starting their career together, and certainly will be quite competitive, as they were poised in the top 15 going into stadium.  Unfortunately they just didn't find their rhythm and misjudged fence 3, which resulted in a fall, but luckily both David and Fritz came away unscathed.   I love this photo of them over the last fence on course, dedicated to our friend Seema.  

Both the girls in the 3* were up against tough competition in a division with over 60 entries!  Madeline and Ari started out the event with just a few challenges in the dressage, with Ari deciding that walking is truly over rated!  In true form, they went on to rock around the stadium and XC, with an unfortunate glance  off on the corner/brush, but quickly represented and finished nearly inside the time.  Maggie and Dante looked great in stadium with 3 rails, and then cracked around XC with just a few time faults.  Both of these horses are just jumping machines and the girls jumped up over 15 places after XC.  They should be so proud!!

Madeline In The Mist
Heading Into The Water Complex

During the awards presentation, we were so thrilled to have Jessica come up to assist County Saddlery with their raffle of a new saddle,  which was held throughout the weekend.  Jess has been riding in her favorite County dressage saddle since the Olympics and we love having our local rep, Patti Gillen, right around the corner for her custom fittings!

Raffle tickets were sold to raise money for the Work To Ride program, based out of Philadelphia.  The Work To Ride kids have been participating in Unionville based events, such as the Cheshire Hunt Camp and the DVA racing series for years, so it was an honor to be involved with this fund raiser.  County very generously donated a $5K jump saddle of choice, and the winner, Aspen Mazzatta from NJ, was so excited she was literally shaking and speechless!!  I think her mother was pretty happy she won the saddle too :)  

Jess pictured with (left to right), Aspen Mazzatta, County Reps Patti Gillen and Kim Conty
All the pictures of the BHF crew were posted on our Facebook page earlier this week.  We'll check back soon with a full report from Gigi and her adventures at the Equus International Film Festival held last weekend in Montana!

Photo Credits Lisa Thomas, Mid-Atlantic Equestrian

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