Thursday, July 30, 2015

Vote For Fork In The Road in the Musicbed Film Festival!!

Fall is coming and that's the hot season for film festivals!  Film producer Brian Troy has submitted Fork In The Road (the documentary on Gigi McIntosh) to the Musicbed Film Festival.

About the Musicbed Film Fest

"Musicbed Film Fest is a celebration of the films made possible through the powerful relationship of sound and picture. From the first time indie filmmaker to the most influential brands in the world, we want to award the best of the best films featuring Musicbed scores — honoring the landmark work that’s been made and encouraging creatives to continue making impactful films, telling better stories, and changing the hearts of people."

The People's Choice is all voter based, so please tell all your friends and family about this exciting online event and have them vote! Make sure they follow this link and share it as well. 

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