Thursday, February 26, 2015

Update On Recovery Efforts

We are so thankful to the entire equestrian community who has rallied around Missy (and her pups Jamie and Brittany) this past week.  The emails and facebook messages are so inspiring, and I can only apologize for the difficulty in tracking all the donations.

Many people have asked what she still needs.  I do know that she's had several lovely donations for boots and some breeches.  She has also had offers to replace show clothing at shops in both Florida and Pa.  That need was immediate as she's still competing this weekend.

Since it's tough to track all clothing or equipment donations perfectly, some people have been offering cash donations or gift cards so she can go get properly fitted for jackets, breeches and show shirts.  Gift card donations can go to:
Missy Ransehousen
653 W Highway 316
Citra, Fl.  32113

If you want to make a tax deductible donation, checks can be sent to the American Horse Trials Foundation.  It is very important (per IRS laws) that Missy's name be written on a separate sheet of paper and NOT on the memo section of the check.  Those donations can be sent to:

The American Horse Trials Foundation
7913 Colonial Ln
Clinton, MD 20735-1908
Phone: (301) 856-3064
Fax: (301) 856-3065

Missy is doing well and back in the tack, as she has a show this weekend.  The entire team at Blue Hill Farm is so thankful for everyone's help!!

Missy and Brittany walking the course at Ocala HT!

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