Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jessica Teaches "Fix A Test" Clinic at Second Nature Farm!

Last Sunday, Lara Osborne spent the day with Jessica scribing for her at Second Nature Farm in Oxford.  The purpose of the day was to hold a fundraising "Fix A Test" for their Junior / Young Rider team.  Thanks so much to Lara for submitting this report!

 "On Sunday, Jessica spent the day at Anecia Delduco’s Second Nature Farm in Oxford PA, helping their SNF Jr./Yr. Dressage team do some fundraising, by judging a Fix-A-Test Clinic.  She had a full day judging 10 riders ranging from Training Level up to PSG and everything in between.

Colleen Gray

Colleen and Jessica
Rebecca Cord
 All of the riders rode through their tests, and then Jessica reviewed their scores, explaining why she scored them as she did, and what they could do to improve the score in the future.  Jessica also offered suggestions on ways to improve the overall appearance of the horse and rider team, which would also help in improving scores.   Everyone was happy with the suggestions and there were visible improvements made by all the team members.

Jessica enjoyed meeting some of the riders in the community, and the Second Nature Farm Jr./Yr. Dressage team gave Jessica a lovely gift basket as a thank you for donating her time towards their cause!"

Photo credits Anecia Delduco.

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