Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dawn's Early Light!

Here we are in the "dawn's early light" at the Horse Park in Ocala last weekend. Many thanks to Missy Ransehousen and Elyse Fehr for rallying despite the initial cruelty of Daylight Saving Time this past weekend!

Despite the  dark and cold Sunday morning, I had the most fun practicing trot lengthening in a wide open field! We did a practice freestyle this weekend just so Rio would not be shocked to hear music blaring during her dressage test. (Much like the ice-skating freestyles, the horses perform a set of required movements set to music of the rider's choice.) She scored 69.5% to finish second to Canadian Ashley Gowanlock!

Rio won Saturday's class (68.9%) the Team dressage test over two veteran Para riders - Ashley Gowanlock and Laura Goldman, who with their new horses will also be competing in Wellington.
I still need to add more energy to her walk work but once again, Rio was unflappable and lovely to ride on the show grounds. I am very excited to get settled into Wellington today!

Many thanks to Lesli Cohen, not only for renting her lovely house, but for donating much of her equine paraphernalia to me! Many thanks to Leslie Hicks for setting that up!

Kim Kojima's hospitality was boundless! She provided a lovely, well run barn as well as the comforts of home, an internet connection, pair of breeches, and at the very end, a delicious dinner with poached pears for dessert!

Thanks also to David Zeigler for all his help and Steph Cauffman and Elyse Fehr for their excellence in braiding a moving target!

I am always a little sad to leave my eventing friends behind in Ocala  for the glitz in Wellington, but with Missy's help, Rio gets better every day and I can't wait to show her off!

Thanks so much for everyone's support! Next update from the Global Dressage Festival!

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