Friday, October 25, 2013

What A Year for David Ziegler, BG and Topper!!

We're gathering the year end wrap ups from all of our Blue Hill riders, to let our supporters know about the year in review and plans for 2014!  As always, it's been a busy year with many challenges and accomplishments.  David Ziegler is going to start us off with his year in review.  Well written David!
David & BG at Jersey Fresh
Photo Credit Becca Hart
"What a year! Reflecting on it now, I cant believe all that has happened in 10 months.  BG and I stormed onto the event scene after a year long hiatus on both our parts, placing in the top of all our competitions, BG showed us this old guy was not looking for an early retirement after having been successfully campaigned around the world at the 4* level.  We are looking forward to coming back in the spring season to qualify for the NAYRC, and (fingers crossed) an autumn advanced!
Topper Strutting His Stuff!
Photo credit Terri Miller
From galloping across fields at unmovable objects, to pirouettes in the 20x60, Topper had an equally impressive season.  We kicked the year off with winning High Point 4th level at Morven Park in May, then we put our nose to the grindstone and contested our first Prix St.
George in July with great results! The rest of the season was spent with numerous successes in the Prix St George across the North East, it is incredible to think that in 17 months Topper went from being an upper level event horse to an FEI Dressage horse. This winter we plan on spending January in Wellington competing in the CDI's, gathering our qualifications to compete at the NAYRC in the Dressage!

Photo Credit Terri Miller
Campaigning 2 horses at the top levels of 2 disciplines is no easy task, but through all the support of our team at Blue Hill Farm and my partnership with SCES, my training is progressing and the financial strain has been eased.  Donations are greatly appreciated to help me own the podium in 2014, and eventually seek to be long listed to the CDN dressage or eventing teams!"

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