Thursday, January 19, 2012

Interview with Samantha Clark of Eventing Nation!

Oh Ocala!

I hate to gloat, and I'm only here for three days (but I am buying a lottery ticket even though Francis assures me it's just a waste of money), but Florida in the winter - Hellz to the yeah, sign me up, baby! Longwood Farm in Ocala has long been a favourite place for many eventers to board, school and train, even for the USET, however now you can even compete, and of course clinic here! Joe Watkins explains it in a bit more detail.

Missy Ransehousen is something of a regular here at Longwood, and very kindly lent me a horse for a morning hack; please excuse the wobbling camera, and near collision with grand-daddy oak as I interview her on horseback, and instead just try to enjoy the ride! 

Missy was riding a very nice Irish import, Ike, a 6 year old, very handsome, and only about 18hh, maybe she'll  grow into him! 

Missy and Ike

 Thanks for chatting Missy, and Joe, if I get lucky (on the lottery, duh!)  I'm coming down to stay, and thanks to Bouncer for looking after me, the perfect mummy's hack!  In the meantime, we'll bring you reports from the next two days of the Francis Whittington clinic, and then we're headed back to Kentucky to Go Eventing, not! 

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