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Gold Coast Saturday Results!

Consistency is Key at Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3*  

Highlights from the press release are below:  
Wellington, FL -January 21, 2012 - Consistency continues for para-equestrian dressage riders at the Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3* held at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center. Saturday was the Individual Test competition and the second day to earn an individual qualifying score for the 2012 Paralympics. Para-Equestrians from Canada, Ireland, Finland, Japan, Mexico, Bermuda, and the United Sates challenged each other and themselves in front of international judges Carlos Lopes (POR), Hanneke Gerritsen (NED), and Marc Urban (BEL). Multiple riders achieved their qualifying scores above the 60% mark including a brand new para-equestrian dressage rider from the United States.
Rebecca Hart and Lord Ludger
Rebecca Hart (USA) and Lord Ludger

In third for Grade II was 2008 Paralympian Rebecca Hart and Lord Ludger, owned by Jessica Ransehousen. Rebecca brought two mounts to Florida in hopes of gaining more mileage, earning top scores for the team, and to sharpen her relationship and communication with both horses. Rebecca explained, "Both horses are relatively new mounts this year. I have been very proud of Lord Ludger this weekend and I am especially pleased with Hugh Knows. We have been working on adjusting from the leg cue to utilizing the whip as the cue and Hugh has been great. He was a little tense in the Individual Test so I think we just need a little more mileage to increase our communication."  

Hugh Knows, owned by Jacqueline Mars, began as an eventer with Karen'O Connor.  From Karen to junior Jess Brumfield Hugh has consistently achieved excellent scores.  With his new job as Rebecca Hart's mount Rebecca has been working to attain top results and consistency over the next two weeks.
Rebecca Hart and Hugh Knows
Rebecca Hart (USA) and Hugh Knows

She continued, "I feel very lucky to be able to work with these newer horses under our team coach who is also my personal coach, Missy Ransehousen. We have a really good relationship where we can bounce things off each other to figure out what is going to get the best results. I also feel lucky to have such a support system because without them I could not do this. I am very thankful to Jessica (Ransehousen) who own Lord Ludger, Jacqueline Mars, and everyone who believes in our discipline.
Elizabeth Pigott Whitney's Willow
Elizabeth Pigott (USA) Whitney's Willow

Finishing the CPEDI3* were the Grade IV para-equestrian dressage riders. James Dwyer and Orlando from Ireland once again secured the top placing with a 70.753%. Behind James was Mary Jordan with her home-bred mare P. Sparrow Socks.
James Dwyer and Orlando
James Dwyer (IRE) and Orlando

With consistent test results in each of the five grades, riders enter into Sunday's Freestyle competition at the Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3*.  Following the Freestyle competition will be the presentation of awards.

January 21, 2012 Gold Coast Dressage Opener CPEDI3*  Wellington, FL
Judges: Carlos Lopes (POR), Hanneke Gerritsen (NED), and Marc Urban (BEL)

Results: Placing, Name, Name of Horse, Total Score

Grade 1a
1.    Jody Schloss, Inspector Rebus, 70.583 (CAN)
2.    Laurietta Oakleaf, Niekele fan Busenitz, 65.083 (USA)
3.    Kim Decker, Dasher's Destiny,  63.833 (USA)
4.    Alexander Mitchell, Guiness Maskell, 62.917 (BER)
5.    NTEC Manchada, Mina Chinju 60.833 (JPN)
6.    Robyn Andrews, Ravallo Son, 59.000 (CAN)
7.    Robyn Andrews, Fancianna, 56.000 (CAN)

Grade 1b
1.    Jonathan Wentz, NTEC Richter Scale, 69.275 (USA)
2.    Ashley Gownlock, Fredonia 2, 68.986 (CAN)
3.    Jonathan Wentz, NTEC Jabriel, 68.551 (USA)
4.    Katja Karjalainen, Hidden Creek Jones, 64.783 (FIN)
5.    Jaana Kivimaki, Sarona, 61.232 (FIN)

Grade II
1.    Lauren Barwick, Off to Paris, 70.159 (CAN)
2.    Dale Dedrick, Bonifatius, 67.381 (USA)
3.    Rebecca Hart, Lord Ludger, 66.349 (USA)
4.    Fernanda Otheguy, It's Mr. Mister Merlot, 64.683 (MEX)
5.    Rebecca Hart, Hugh Knows, 62.619 (USA)
6.    Margret McIntosh, Idalgo, 62.063 (USA)
7.    Elizabeth Pigott, Whitney's Willow, 61.508 (USA)
8.    Charlotte Bathlon, Sportsfield Twist,  58.730 (USA)

Grade III
1. Eleanor Brimmer, Carino H, 59.556 (USA)

Grade IV
1.    James Dwyer, Orlando,  70.753 (IRE)
2.    Mary Jordan, P Sparrow Socks, 64.624 (USA)
3.    Lynne Pool, Vasco E, 64.086 (CAN)
4.    Lynee Pool, Fisbee, 63.925 (CAN)
5.    Madison Lawson, McGuire, 63.925 (CAN)
6.    Mary Jordan, Sebastian, 62.742 (USA)

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