Thursday, October 7, 2010

Great Results from James!

James called today to give me the final results of his Individual Championship Test.  Notably, the comment that he made was that he & Jessica were quite pleased with his results, and that optimism continued throughout our conversation.

The only real notable mistake came during his extended canter, where he took ownership for a shift in his own position which caused Ben to swap his lead.  He felt the judges didn't score him very high, with a 66%, but he was quite happy with his 5th place overall out of a field of 18 riders!

It was also a fun homecoming for James, with quite a few supporters from the Irish contingent, including Ronan Tynan, the Irish opera singer who sang at opening ceremonies.

Next up for James will be the Grade IV Freestyle on Sunday.

For the full list of results, please click here & check back frequently for our updated photo album.


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