Thursday, May 24, 2018

Gigi and Heros One Step Closer To WEG Team Selection!

It's countdown to the WEG team selection for Gigi, Heros and Missy with the official invitation to the USEF Para-Dressage event this July.  We are thrilled for this team and look forward to their performance this summer in Virginia!  Please see official invitation below:

July 6-8, 2018
Thank you to those who met the requirements in Sections I.A. and I.B., of the USEF Athlete Selection Procedures for the WEG to qualify for an invitation to the USEF Para-Dressage Invitational Event, Wheatland Farm, Purcellville, VA, July 6-8, 2018!  The Selectors, in consultation with the USEF Para-Equestrian High Performance Consultant, Chef d’Equipe and Team Vet recommend, to the Para-Equestrian Sport Committee, eight (8) athlete/horse combinations to receive an invitation to the Event.   With the approval of the Para-Equestrian Sport Committee, the following eight (8) athlete/horse combinations selected are listed below in alphabetical order. 

Photo Credit Sue Stickle
Michele Bandinu
Rebecca Hart
Katie Jackson
Margaret McIntosh
Angela Peavy
Kate Jackson
Deborah Stanitski
Roxanne Trunnell

Should athletes selected to attend the Event have a second horse, then an invitation for the second horse is also extended. 

This Invitational Mock Competition is NOT A STAND ALONE SELECTION TRIAL.  Results of this competition will only be one factor used in determining the Short List/Nominated Entries.

An invitation to the Invitational Training Event and Mock Competition does not guarantee that an athlete/horse combination will be named to the Short List/FEI Nominated Entry or the Para-Equestrian Dressage Team for the Event.

Congratulations to all!  

Laureen Johnson   

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