Friday, March 17, 2017

BHF News from Ocala and Red Hills!

I spent last week in Ocala at Blue Hill Farm South taking in some quality training preparation and camaraderie with the event riders in their lead up to Red Hills International.  For everyone who has been following along on all of our posts on Facebook, it was a bit of a wild week for the Eventing crew at Blue Hill Farm.

Megan Lynn and The Natural E
As many of you know, we had a very successful weekend at Red Hills with Megan Lynn and The Natural E winning the 1* for proud owner Karen Isberg.  In addition, Madeline showed the eventing world that she and Ari are truly ready for their first go at the Rolex Kentucky 4*, which is at the end of April!  Becky and Lion also rocked around the 1* for a stellar 15th place finish as well!

Madeline and P.S. Ariana (aka Pony Knees)

Becky Joules-Cornetta and Lion Drive
Our weekend did not end as planned, with Donna Miller having a bad collision with a tree coming out of the first water on XC.  She and Salty were having a brilliant round up until that point, and we are very grateful that he galloped back to the stabling unscathed.  Donna unfortunately suffered some serious injuries which kept her in the hospital for the week, but she's tough as nails and will recover.  She should be on her way back to her farm in Georgia to recover with her recuperation.

Many thanks to all members of the Blue Hill Team, especially Missy, for sticking by Donna's side during this emergency.  It's not going to be an easy road back for Donna, but we have faith that she'll be back in the saddle and ready for more competitive adventures once she is fully healed.

Thank goodness for air vests, helmets and a swift safety team at Red Hills International.

Please visit our Facebook page for multiple media posts from Eventing Nation and the Chronicle,  plus my photo albums from the week in Ocala and Red Hills!

~  Lisa T.

Media Roundup Below.

Live Results

Megan Lynn's Chronicle article on 1* Win
Megan Lynn's EN Article on 1* Win

Madeline Wins "Who Jumped it Best" on EN!
Madeline is Rolex Bound!!

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