Sunday, August 21, 2016

Back On Track Sends Gigi and Rio Rio to Rio In Comfort!

We are so grateful to Back on Track for making sure that Gigi and Rio and properly outfitted for their journey to Ocala, then Miami, then Rio!  It is a big mission to send Gigi and Rio (and Missy) on their way to Rio de Janiero, Brazil and Back on Track has stepped up to make sure they are comfortable while making this long trip.  We are so appreciative of their support of our Paralympic superstars!!

The use of the Back on Track sheet and the Quick Wraps will really help in keeping Rio's body and legs comfortable while in transit.  Although Rio is accustom to long trips for her competitions, it's still a lot to require of these animals when shipping so many miles. 

"Rio Rio and I are well equipped for the Road to Rio with our Back on Track Mesh sheet and Quick Wraps and  I am thoroughly enjoying the warm hug provided by my Double Back Brace!  Thank you so much, Bo and Lucy,  we are delighted to attest to the benefits of Back on Track's technology!"

Lucy and Bo sent us the following message regarding their support of Gigi and Rio, “Back on Track is delighted to stand behind Gigi McIntosh, while she rides at the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.”

Schedule For Rio:

8/27 - Rio and Missy are scheduled to leave Blue Hill Farm headed for Ocala
8/28 - Training Camp from August 28th - September 2nd 
9/3 -  Missy, the grooms and Dr. Duncan Peters (team vet) fly to Rio ahead of horses.
9/3 - Horses fly later that same day from Miami to Rio with the Canadian vet and grooms.
9/4th - Riders fly to Houston for "processing" with the other Para athletes, then onto Rio.
9/7 - Opening Ceremonies
Gigi and Rio compete on 9/12, 9/15 and 9/16!
9/19 - Horses fly to one week quarantine in Miami.
Missy and grooms fly back to Miami on the same day.
Athletes back to Houston on the 19th.
9/20 - Home, sweet home on the 20th!

Here's to wishing the entire US Paralympic Team the best of luck in Rio.  You will make us proud!

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