Monday, March 28, 2016

We Will Miss You Jamie!

As many people have already heard, we lost Jamie last week down in Ocala.  She was truly Missy's devoted side kick and best buddy, always well behaved, full of affection and personality.  Those two had a special relationship and Jamie was such a unique character, from her unusual breeding (Ridgeback/Lab) to her unending patience with squirrel herding.

Everyone at Blue Hill Farm mourns the loss of this special dog and we hope that every day Missy turns her sadness into a smile as she remembers the most amazing 10 years with this beautiful animal.

We've put together a full photo album that can be seen on our Facebook page.  Here's a little glimpse of those photos for this blog post.

Missy also wanted to thank Paddy Hughes for originally breeding this beautiful dog and bringing her to Missy~

RIP Jamie.  We love you.

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