Monday, May 18, 2015

Fair Hill May Horse Trials

This past weekend was the Fair Hill May HT and the Blue Hill team was there in full force!  Saturday both Brigitte and Bonnie has stellar results, with Bonnie and Loki racking up another win and finishing on their dressage score of a 31.5!  Brigitte and Harper were in the Open Training D which was packed with top Pros, also finishing on their score of a 27.5 to come in 5th, wedged between Ryan, Jennie B., Phillip and Boyd!! 

I'm sorry girls that I wasn't there to get pictures on Saturday.

On Sunday, Maggie and Dante were back at it for the first time since last year's Fair Hill International.  They were having a great stadium ride but forgot that darn skinny at the end of the ring!  Woops!!  She was allowed to continue onto XC and trucked around having a really positive ride after time off.  So happy to see them back at it!!  Note the grin on Maggie's face in this photo sequence.  I dare say this is when she realized she missed the skinny before this combination :)

On Sunday Missy rode Keegan in the Prelim and this blogger was able to get down for the morning to get plenty of pictures during stadium and XC.  They had a few rails in stadium and cruised around XC in 3rd gear, accumulating a few time faults......but it was a great ride on a hot humid day.  It's just so fabulous to see Missy out there.  Thanks so much to Seema for putting Missy in the irons!!

Enjoy the photos courtesy of Lisa Thomas, Mid-Atlantic Equestrian Services and property of Blue Hill Farm.

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