Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Busy is the Best Antidote For Recovery!!

It's been several weeks since the shocking fire at Blue Hill South, and Missy is so grateful for the outpouring of support from so many people!  We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been so instrumental in getting Missy back on her feet.

Missy at Red Hills with Madeline and Laura Backus!

Of course we are so grateful to Tiffany and Brigitte for spotting the fire and rescuing Jamie (Missy's amazing dog) from the camper.  Immediately after the fire the entire crew down south and up in Pennsylvania moved into action, gathering clothing, jackets and supplies to ship down to her.  There were several other people who also came to get things sorted at the farm.  Chris Grant, Stacey Kent, the entire crew from Blue Elephant, Alex Philpin and Clarissa Wilmerding were an immediate help getting Missy back on her feet. Cindy Torbeck, owner of the Ocala facility, has been amazing, moving Missy into the main house and offering up her car so Missy could continue to work and travel to her other clients.

The main house was turned into package central with all sorts of gifts ranging from riding clothes, equipment and boots to sneakers and workout clothes so Missy could keep up with her regular stress relieving work outs!  Many people sent gift cards and made monetary donations, which were key as insurance certainly is not going to cover all of her losses. 

There were sponsors and companies that sent gifts as well.  Long time friend and supporter Paddy Hughes of Horse First made sure she had replacement logo gear, and the USEF sent outerwear and hats as well.  A wonderful organization called The Rider's Closet, founded by Georgina Bloomberg for riders in need, sent a ton of riding clothes......and Rein Aid Productions, Dover, etc.  The USPEA was integral in helping me get the word out via social media....as was Jenni Autry of Eventing Nation.  There are so many to list!

Susannah Kavanaugh flew down from Pennsylvania to help Missy sort through all the items so she could properly thank all the donors.  What a star!!

It's impossible to list all the generous donors who have helped with Missy's recovery, but she does want to thank everyone from the bottom of her heart.  Soon she will be wrapping up her season in Ocala and traveling back to Pa. for a short stint before heading to Europe with our Para Equestrian extraordinaire Gigi McIntosh.

One thing for sure is that BUSY is the best antidote for recovery!!

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