Friday, October 10, 2014

Unveiling of Fork In The Road - A Short Film on Margaret McIntosh!!

Over this past summer, a very special film was in production, a film short documenting the equestrian voyage of our friend Gigi McIntosh.  There was a wonderful collaboration of area notables, such as Jessica, Missy and the Blue Hill Farm team, as well as clips from other influential people in Gigi's career (Bruce Davidson, Mary Hazzard, Jan Smith) from Chesterland.

The end result is the wonderful mini-documentary on our resident para-equestrian, Margaret "Gigi" McIntosh, who during an event in 1999 suffered a life-threatening crash. Through unexpected odds, Gigi battled her way back to do the one thing she's loved doing her whole life...riding horses.

Many thanks go out to the film crew who created this beautiful story.
directed by: Cindy Connors & Brian Troy
director of photography: Brian Troy
field producer & 2nd unit camera: Bethany Ditnes
field producer: Julia Fisher
editor: Brian Troy
audio engineer: Donna Weinsteiger

Fork in the Road from Brian Troy on Vimeo.

Gigi also wanted to express her gratitude to all of those involved on this project.  Below is her note that I received yesterday.

"Once again, Blue Hill Farm has rallied around a special project. Missy and Jessica, thank you so much for your enthusiastic support for this effort!

I was truly touched by the tears and cheers accompanying our tack room screening yesterday and the collective, "Awwww..." at Hobbs' appearance on-screen.

Many thanks to the on-screen talents of Jessica, Missy, Brian McIntosh and Mary Hazzard at Blue Hill and, across the road at Chesterland, to Bruce Davidson and Jan Smith!

Devon and David, Carli and Brigitte produced an immaculate barn as a back-drop and Rachel turned Rio out beautifully as well as wrangling Hobbs in the flower garden!  The farm, itself, played a central role in the cinematography and never looked more beautiful with many thanks to Margarito, Oscar and Ignatio!

Many thanks to Pari Nurrish for the still photography at Blue Hill and to Lisa Thomas and Susie Tuckerman for the Chesterland photographs!"  ~  Gigi

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