Thursday, August 29, 2013

Help Support David and BHF Riders Through SCES!

I have been on my soapbox lately!  In addition to working with all my favorite people at Blue Hill Farm, I work with several other riders and agencies/businesses in the equestrian industry.  One of the groups that I love to work with is SCES (Southern California Equestrian Sports), a non profit group based in California which raises competition funds for riders.

"SCES is a non-profit organization dedicated to help equestrian riders and organizers raise tax deductible funds to compete in or support their National or International competitions, throughout the US and abroad."

I have been working with Margie Molloy for several years, maintaining their website and helping her drive membership.  SCES helped greatly to raise funds during the barn fire at Boyd Martin's and they have been instrumental in helping riders raise funds to reach their competitive goals!  
David & BG at Plantation Field International
Photo Credit Lisa Thomas
It's time for BHF riders to jump on the band wagon & to start fundraising for their future endeavors.  Missy, Steph, Rachel and David are in the application process and we need your help to start them raising funds for their individual competition goals.

David has already completed his application and has been approved!  

"I’m thrilled to be a part of the SCES team, seeing how this organization has helped countless top riders, I knew this was the first step in bridging the gap between being a young rider and a young professional.  So many young riders make it to the Championships then
disappear, my goal is to hit the young rider championships on my way up to be a young professional aiming for team spots, as well as becoming a licensed course designer, having had a couple internships with course designer Richard Jeffery to date.

I’m hoping my involvement with SCES will bring more awareness to my pursuits, as  great an opportunity I’ve had growing up, traveling across the continent, from Alberta, to California, to Florida, it has been difficult setting up a strong base, and I see SCES as hopefully
being a strong link between all the connections I’ve made, where ever they may be."

So won't you help David by being one of the first donors for his competition fund?  He's working diligently towards qualifying Topper and BG for next year's Young Riders, so we need to start fundraising now!

Simply click on this link and he's on his way.  You can also visit the Team Page on our website for individual donation buttons.  Hopefully we will have the girls applications approved soon!

Thanks so much for supporting the crew at BHF!!

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