Sunday, September 23, 2012

Plantation Field CIC Update

The horse trials division of the Plantation Field CIC and H.T. finished up on Saturday evening. Jeff Kibbie with Loki and Megan Lynn with Hoosier Daddy both finished well in competitive Intermediate divisions.

Megan and Hoosier have their game faces on before Cross Country

After finishing fourth in the Preliminary division of the American Eventing Championships, Megan and Hoosier traveled from their home in Kentucky to Blue Hill for a week of training to prepare for Plantation. They were rewarded in dressage on Friday with a 27.6 and had a well-ridden show jumping round despite a few rails to sit overnight in tenth place.

Jeff Kibbie and Loki are back in Pennsylvania after a summer of traveling for Jeff's business as a course builder and designer, Equi-Sport Services. Jeff and Loki earned a 41.6 in dressage and maintained their position with two rails down in a very difficult show jumping course.

Megan and Jeff had to wait until 5:15 and 5:30 PM on Saturday to contest the Intermediate XC. Late in the day there was some concern about shadows on the jumps, but storms began to roll in before their rides. Despite the light being a bit dim, the temperature dropped a bit and the rain held off, creating good conditions for their rides. Megan went first and had a superb clear round to finish with a few time penalties in tenth place. Jeff and Loki looked like the seasoned partnership they are to finish double clear and move up eleven positions into sixth place. Congratulations to both pairs!

Megan is traveling back to Kentucky today with her mother and Hoosier. We will miss her and hope she comes back soon!

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