Friday, August 31, 2012


An excerpt from EN's Friday NEWS & NOTES!

Lots of Paralympic news! All 78 horses passed the first inspection. The four US dressage riders, Rebecca Hart, Jonathan Wentz, Donna Ponessa, and Dale Dedrick are looking sharp. Natasha Baker of Great Britain is sitting pretty in the top spot in the Grade II, but is competing as an individual. Britta Napel, of Germany, and 2008's Individual champion sits in second. US's Rebecca Hart sits in fourth. Dutch rider Petra van de Sande is sitting in sixth in the Grade II and isn't happy she wasn't able to familiarize her horse with the sandbags propped against the dressage arena to keep it in place during story weather. "This time, [familiarization] wasn't done, and I am really annoyed with the organisers," van de Sande said. Though the sandbags may have been a problem for some, the record crowds didn't affect the dressage rides. Probably because the record sold out crowds only filled half the stadium. All 10,000 tickets that were made available were purchased, but the stadium seats 23,000. By lunch time on the second day, the number of spectators in Greenwich will have exceed the total number at Beijing. In carrying on the British medal style, Lee Pearson wants to add three more Paralympic gold medals to the British legacy. [Dressage Daily] [Horsetalk] [Independent] [Telegraph] [Interview with Rebecca Hart] [Mirror-Pearson Interview]

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